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To Do Today:

Hey there!  Do you have things to do today?  I'm sure you do - as do I!  How about adding just a few things to the top of your list?  They're really easy to do and they are really important and beneficial - I promise!
Make someone laugh!  (I adore making my family laugh and friends too!  I love seeing their faces erupt in joy and hearing laughter ringing through the air is a wonderfully contagious sound!)
Hug your loved ones. (Give "just because" hugs to the ones you love today!  When I receive one - it literally makes my day and I'm sure it will theirs!  Take a quick second to do it!)
Compliment in earnest. (A moment taken to give a sincere compliment is SUCH a huge gift. Keep your eyes and heart open for the right moment and person to give one too! There truly are soooo many everyday instances to compliment someone. Ex. I work with my brother and he left work one day and said, "Great job today!"  It's not something he had to say and it was such a simp…

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