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The King's Search

Hey there friends!  How is your day going?  I hope it's going great!  

I love stories that have a powerful lesson "hidden" in them and so I'm going to tell you one that strums my heart strings and challenges me in this Kingdom life!

My Dad had heard this story and retold it to his Sunday School class and I just really loved it - so I'm retelling it in my own words to you! :)It's message is what my heart longs for our generation to realize the importance of and live out with passion!

Once upon a time there King who was in search of a driver for his family's carriage.  This person's job would be to assure the safe travel of his wife and children (his most precious of treasures) from place to place.  

Many came from all over the land to apply for the job.  One by one the interviewees would each boast of their impressive driving capabilities.  "I have unmatched strength and can steer horses with command and skill!  I can make haste with your family from …

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