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When God says, "Wait for it..."

The subject of waiting is dear to my heart, which you probably have noticed from previous posts – lol!I know I post quite a bit on it, but I love how God has designed this amazing life so that we just keep learning and He just keeps revealing more of Himself to us along the journey! So - I keep posting what He keeps sharing with my heart especially on this theme.  I've been so excited as I've been writing this - to post it!  God amazes me and I hope you're amazed by Him in a special way as you read these words He's prompted me to type!
“Wait.”  This generation sadly doesn’t appreciate those words as we should.  I think of how pretty much anything is accessible at the touch of a finger or by the spoken words “hey siri” or “hey google”.  I mean, if Siri doesn’t understand my command right away, I get aggravated!  *palm to face in shame*  I think of the olden days and how they had to wait for pretty much everything.  I mean, they waited forever for mail to make it between …

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