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A Shooting Star and Waiting Heart

Hey there!  Hope you’re having a great week! I hope this post is an encouragement to you!

The night sky was clear and the stars were out looking incredible!  I was outside in the grass, a bunch of friends and I were all on the look out for shooting stars. My friend Amy and I (both of us single) decided to take a couple minutes under that magnificent sky to pray for our future guys.  It was a sweet moment that I treasure to this day several years later.  That sweet friend is married now and has an adorable family and I love seeing the answer to her prayer that starry night!  God is the Giver of amazing and perfect gifts! 
I might still be single but that doesn’t make God any less of a giver or not faithful. God has NEVER ever let me down including when He has called me to wait! Even though waiting times are hard, God always BLOWS ME AWAY – literally astonishes me with His answer always at the perfect time. Even though the answer and the timing isn’t always what I want – it’s always what I t…

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