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Hi there! Hope your week is going great!  Just as a "heads up" - if you clicked on my blog expecting a great gravy recipe - I have to inform you that there isn't one on here, BUT it does have a "recipe" for being thankful this Thanksgiving!
Gravy - it's like liquid amazingness that makes mashed potatoes OH SO MUCH YUMMIER!  Just picture a giant mound of creamy mashed potatoes dripping in flavorful gravy!!  Are you drooling yet?!  Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Well,  thankfulness and gratefulness are like a gravy to life!  They bring such great flavor to what we have been given (what's "on our plate") in this life!  It even makes things we don't especially like "on our plate" taste better, because we are acknowledging that God's ways are best no mater what!!!!

A great "recipe" to being grateful is to stop and stand in awe of WHO GOD IS!  O, taste and see that He is GOOD!  HE IS AWESOME.  HIS CHARACTER IS AN INCREDIBLE SAVOR. HIS GOOD…

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