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Be a Truth Highlighter

Hey friends!
I'm happy to type up this little post and share it with you today! :)

On the way into work, as I was thinking about a little lesson I would be sharing at a Kid's Bible club tonight, God gave me a happy little thought and it was this...

When we believe on Jesus Christ as our Savior - He infuses us with His life which is light - because that's Who He is!  If we choose to walk in the light, as He is in the light - then we become a highlighter of Christ!  That's how He designed life with Him to be!  It's an incredible honor!!!!  

I don't know about you, but I love highlighters! They make the words jump off the page! (but as a little boy informed me tonight, as I shared that thought in class, highlighters do not actually make the words grow legs and literally jump off the page! HAHAHA!) ;) Highlighters do however bring attention to what is really important and add brightness and specific light to those words!  AND that's how we are to be - living highli…

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