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A Date...

There I sat waiting with nervous excitement over the unknown before me.
I had a date.

I had heard other’s opinions of him, but I was excited to meet him face to face!
I was determined to not presume things about him (good or bad) but let my date speak for himself and let the Holy Spirit inside me confirm the truth!
I glanced at my watch.  I was early, but it seemed like it was taking an eternity for him to arrive!
I straightened my dress nervously as if that would take up some time.
Tick. Tock.  Tick Tock.  Tick Tock.
Then, right on time he appeared. (Insert my heart beating fast.)
He approached and suddenly all of me was flooded with hope.
We both smiled at each other.  His smile was so reassuring that I felt glad and grateful that I had gone on this date!

As we got to know each other, I started to deeply appreciate and admire all that made him who he was!  It suddenly seemed quite silly that I had hesitations before this moment. I wanted to know him more!
In the midst of our conversation he s…

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