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"Party of 1..."

This past Friday, I was on my own for the evening and while I have eaten meals by myself, I can't remember ever going to a nice restaurant with just me, myself and I. Lol!I decided to go for it!  I like the Cheesecake Factory and hadn't been in a good while, so that's where I picked.  I even dressed up nice, because, why not?! ;)
I walked up to the hostess station and told the lady, "1" as she needed to know the number of people in my group. She said it would be a few minutes and I stood off to the side enjoying my new little adventure even if it did feel a little lonely.  It's funny, I've heard many restaurants call out parties saying, "Zach, party of 4",  "Sarah, party of 8" etc.  But this time I thought more on that very specific word as I waited for them to call out "Bri, party of 1". LOL!  I thought, "That's right - 1 can be a paaaaaartaaaay too!"  Lol!
{Party: "a social gathering of invited guests"

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