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Supernatural Fuel (for life!)

Hello there friend! Nice to have you "stop on by" my blog today! :)
Today's post is basically a "note to self" about something that I need to remember this year, claim and live out!!!  I don't know about you, (well, actually in this way I do - lol!) - we all only have so much fuel and energy in and of ourselves to go towards our life purpose, our plans, our dreams and our desires.
I can chase after them with all the strength I have, but they would only be provided for and met on one level.  Remember in my previous post, how I said I had more to share about how passionate God is about the details of our lives?  Well, HE IS SOOOOOO SUPER PASSIONATE about them, because He sooooooo loves each one of us!  ANNNNNND He has designed life in such a glorious way that when you are a child of His through salvation - there is a supernatural fuel that is available through Him for all areas of life!!!!!! 
When I pursue God's heart and His ways, He provides supernatural f…

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