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“Red Rover, Red Rover - let BRI come over!”
It feels good to be chosen doesn’t it?!  Even when you’re younger and it’s just a game! Lol! It’s a desire of every person, young and old, a desire to be chosen! Like when a friend picked you to be the one to share their candy bar with, like when someone chose you to write a letter too, like when after an interview you were the one chosen for the job, like when you were proposed to - someone telling you that they chose you for ever after!These examples were all said in past tense, but a lot of life is lived in the waiting stage too - hoping to be chosen in many different areas of life!
Like I said, to be chosen is a desire of all of ours, but there is an ultimate, above all, over-reigning, deepest desire of chosen-ness in each of us that would never be fulfilled in each of the above examples coming true -because it’s the one of God choosing you.
God choosing you - THAT deep desire is one that is mind-blowingly fulfilled because of Jesus Christ…

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