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A Covenant, a Journal and You!

Hey there!  How's your week going?  Good I hope!!!  Glad to have you "stop on by" my blog today! :)

This post is a short but sweet one and I hope it blesses you in your relationship with God!

I've been thinking on how I've been neglecting pursuing God's heart.  I believe with all my heart that the pursuit of a loved one's heart is a huge key in building and maintaining that relationship!  I adore the part in love movies when a gentleman thoughtfully and intentionally pursues the heart of the woman he's in love with and I love watching her as she pursues his heart as well with creativity and grace!  Here I am believing that pursuit is essential with all my heart and yet I'm not pursuing my Beloved God with all my heart! Good grief.  

The fact of the matter is - I'm in an eternal, miraculous, marvelous, mind-blowing and heart-pounding covenant with my Beloved Savior - the Hero of my heart - the Lover of my soul!  It's a love story for the ages …

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