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The Greatest Treasure Hunt

Hey there! How's your week been?  I hope it's been great! :)
I'm a day late in posting, but nonetheless - here's some Bri musings! ;)

I think treasure hunts are a blast!  Have you been on one?  In my opinion (as a child and even now) my parents were expert treasure hunt designers!  Thinking back, I have quite the memories of treasure hunts that they designed for us kids!  They would hide our Easter baskets every year, and put on an indoors egg hunt too! (one egg always had cash in it! yeah baby! lol!) They would also get together with another family of friends and organize a treasure hunt for us kids to all go on together (and not just once!). It was legit!  We even had to go up to employees at stores and ask for clues that they had arranged to be there earlier for us!  I remember being in awe as I watched my Dad and Mom put together a treasure hunt for a church group that involved them placing clues INSIDE the cream of a Oatmeal sandwich cookie and RESEALING the package…

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