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Piece of Cake

I didn't really have lunch plans today, but God did for me (which I was unaware of at first).  I walked out of my workplace on my lunch break and made a last minute decision to go the the post office and send out some mail.  (a seemingly normal decision, but it had God written on it more that I knew at that moment)  I then drove the longer way back to work. (another semi-normal life decision, but yet again, God directed).  I was following behind the same car for a little while on my route back and eventually they turned and I went straight, but in another unplanned moment (but yet again God -planned) decided to stop through McDonald's drive-thru for a sweet tea.  Now, I know these seem like a lot of details, but they are each important to my point of this story!  Hang in there! Lol!  The drive-thru had two lanes and I pulled into one and then looked over to see that my road buddy (the car I was behind for awhile) had actually pulled up to the other lane almost at the exact sam…

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