Truly Waiting and True Patience

Hello there!  Yay!  I’m excited about the fact that you’ve visited my blog today, because I’m hoping that this post’s topic is an encouragement to you, as I needed it myself! :)

In every stage of life there are times of waiting.  Single people waiting for their true love, married couples waiting to find their first home and maybe for a sweet little baby, family’s waiting for direction in work and ministry etc. etc. etc.  I could take up this whole post listing things and situations that involve waiting, but I think we pretty much all know and/are experiencing at least one of them right now! Lol!  I know I’ve written many posts on the topic of waiting, but it’s just a heart topic that I’m passionate about and more importantly that God is passionate about!  He just keeps blessing my heart over and over with renewed purpose and excitement for redeeming waiting times for His glory!  I especially needed it of late and I’m so glad He knows me well and doesn’t tire of speaking the truth of His heart to mine and giving me the opportunity to claim it!  What a loving, marvelous Beloved He is!!!! (all the heart eyes for eternity should go to Him – He is the One truly worthy of them! ;)

I was thinking on a bible verse that I’ve read sooo many times before, but this time another aspect of it was highlighted to my heart!  

“But let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire (complete), wanting (lacking) nothing.”  - James 1:4

I tend to sometimes feel that waiting times are like a torturous "room of wait", that’s got me in a holding pattern and tend to feel like patience is the good attitude I have while I wait on God’s “hold” to be “lifted”. Lol!  Can you relate to that?  But, as my Dad has so gently reminded me over and over, “Don’t go by feelings alone!” Let's think about what that verse is saying friends!!!!  “Let patience have her perfect work…”.  I feel like the “perfect work” is me just “getting through” to my very desired end or obtaining it (being diligent about God’s work till I do) but it’s not!  The perfect work is so much more if you choose to see it and claim it that way!  

The key to patience is understanding that the process of a wait situation (when we give God first place in it) is where the greatest blessing is found!  I believe it’s quite possibly even a greater blessing than what you are ultimately desiring, because it’s shaping you and molding you with character that is beyond value!!!!!! The process is SUCH A GIFT – and to value it as an honor is a rarity that I want to be a part of in life!!! :)  You know the part of the verse that says, “...that you may be perfect and complete, wanting (lacking) nothing” well it seems like I’ve interrupted it, in the past, to say, “you did the patience thing (way to go!!!) and got the end result you wanted (YAAAY!)”, but I’m seeing this verse deeper than that now! Lol!

When you embrace patience in waiting, in it’s entire form - you become close and satisfied in Jesus alone and you realize with all your heart that you have everything you need because HE IS everything!! The “desired end” you are hoping for is simply a stroke in the masterpiece that God is painting of you and Him!  Every stroke is important, but being with the Master Painter is really THE BEST OF ALL!!!!  It’s as if Jesus steps into the “room of waiting” that you’re in and says with a smile,  “Would you like to come be with me instead?!” as He holds out His hand and motions to the door.  Suddenly, the “torture” of waiting and the trying hard to have a good attitude of patience doesn’t really matter anymore and there's no "waiting room" anymore – because YOU ARE WITH JESUS!!!!!!!!  You are in the presence of the desire fulfill-er and the One Who is fulfillment to the FULL Himself!!!! Don’t get me wrong, Jesus loves to hear our heart’s desires and they are of great value to Him, because YOU are of great value to Him and He loves you like CRAZY!! He is our Provider and is passionate about taking care of us!  What I’m bringing out in this post, is that when our focus is on what we want/desire too much, our sight gets “out-of-focus” and those things really won’t satisfy us when we get them, because Jesus is being put second.  (I’m totally talking to myself here too people! Whew – do I ever need to tell myself that!)

“Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of thy heart!” – Psalm 37:4

If you are TRULY delighting in the Lord – HE will be your chief desire and you will continue to deeply and abundantly know Him, which would be gaining your heart’s desire! ;)  And He does love fulfilling the requests of our heart in the way He knows is best as well! ;)

In closing, (<----i about="" all="" and="" anyhoo="" are="" at="" beautiful="" before="" business-y="" chuckle="" desiring="" entire="" even="" ever="" font="" found="" fulfillment="" god="" have="" if="" is="" it="" key="" know="" letting="" lol="" mystery="" nbsp="" of="" ou="" patience="" perfect="" receiving="" remember="" s="" satisfaction="" so="" sounds="" statement="" t="" that="" the="" to="" true="" truly="" ust="" waiting="" wanting="" were="" what="" will="" work="" you="">

The perfect work of PATIENCE AND WAITING ARE A WIN-WIN when you view it as God so intricately and wondrously designed it to be – to be in the presence of the Perfect One!!!

“Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasure for evermore!” – Psalm 16:11

Blessings to you and your waiting opportunities – you have been given a great honor!  Choose to bring glory to God by delighting in Him and living out patience in the most incredible way - fully satisfied!

*High five inserted here!*
Cheering you on!!!!!
:) Bri


  1. This is beautiful!!!! So wish more single gals would grab ahold of this truth and desire Him so much more than a husband, realizing that His is ALL WE NEED!!! Thanks for sharing, and the truth from scripture tok. You have a beautiful heart!

    1. Allison! I'm sorry that I'm never responded to your sweet comment! You are such an amazing gal! Keep on living for the Kingdom and thank you for writing this encouraging note!


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