Hello! :) Glad to have you at my blog today!

I have a sweet little niece - Cora.  She is a major blessing in my life - I'm just constantly amazed at God's design for life as I watch her grow!  She's 18 months old and full of excitement and wonder!  I was thinking today on something about her that I don't think I'll ever forget! She gave me a new love for the word, "Amen".  I love the days when she was just learning how to fold her hands before each meal and pray. Meal times with her always had our family grinning and laughing, because pretty much as soon as we started praying she would unfold her little prayer clenched hands, throw them up in the air and shout, "AAAAAMENNNN!"  Her enthusiasm was just the best!  In essence she was declaring "SOOO be it!  Now let's partake in God's blessings!"  She was excited for what she knew came after the "Amen!".   And that got me thinking today.

Her little life might have been really anticipating the mashed potatoes she was eyeing on the table and thus came her "Amen!", but I should be like that in life too! I should be eager for what God has in store!  I should be anticipating the fulfillment of God's promises and celebrating the ones that are present before me!  I should be thrilled to partake in His goodness and enthusiastically give Him thanks!  I should trust that what He has in store for my near and far future is gonna be GOOOOOOD, because that's all of Who He is - GOOOOOOD!

God brought to mind the powerful verse in II Corinthians 1:20 that says, "For ALL the promises of God in Him (Jesus Christ), are yea, and in Him A-men, unto the glory of God by us!"  That's pretty incredible to think about isn't it?  All of God's promises in Jesus Christ are YES!!!!! and God says, Amen over the life of His Son and all that through Jesus - He will bring to pass!  He fulfills His will through Jesus, for us!!  Then uses us, who have believed on His Son Jesus Christ to bring glory to Himself and the world through our love and testimony!!!!!  (Wow. Just wow.)  What a beautiful and miraculous life.  What a MAGNIFICENT God.  What a spectacular story of Jesus and redemption and promise and blessing!!!!

Can I get an "AAAAAAMENNNN?!"   ;)

Blessings to you as you live in excitement and anticipation of God's blessings!  His blessings that are ever present, and ever to be had to infinity and beyond - because He has said, SO BE IT!

~Bri  :)


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