"Please give me green lights!!!"

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own
understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He
shall direct thy paths!" ~Proverbs 3:5&6
Hey All!
Blessings for God's direction in your week!!! :O)
I was driving to meet up with a friend for coffee this past Saturday and was already running a little late, but to make matters worse - I took a wrong turn.  By the time I realized where I had gone wrong and got back on track - I was running more than a little late! lol. (I say "lol" now, but I was quite stressed out at the time! heh.)  As I headed down the "right" road, there was a whole series of traffic lights that stood between me and my friend and I didn't want to be any more late than I already was, so I prayed that God would give me green lights!  I went through a couple green lights (score!!!!) and thanked Him for them and then I'd see a yellow one ahead and was bummed because I wouldn't make it through before the red one would light up and bring my travel time to a halt!  I was sitting there feeling impatient and then it hit me.
I was grateful for the green lights, but wasn't for the yellow and red ones!  I was, at the time, viewing the green ones as a blessing, and the other ones as an inconvienience and not the blessing that they too, actually were!  The yellow "caution" and the red "stop" were designed to keep me safe and others around me safe as well!  They may have seemed like they were "standing in the way" at that time, but they were, in truth, helping me reach my destination in the best way possible and they were just as important as the green telling me to "go"!  :O)
God directs in the "greens", "yellows", and "reds" of our lives. Each one is just as dynamic as the other!  I really like the green ones, that's for sure, but the cautions and stops that He gives are never a waste of time and are ONLY meant for our good!  God gave me this verse to share that really encouraged me to this end!
I'm grateful for how God uses everyday experiences to test our faith and reveal more of truly how amazing His ways are and the eternal worth of living them out! P.S. I did FINALLY make it to the coffee shop where my friend graciously waited - lol!!! 
Blessings to you as God gives you grace and glory for the "greens", "yellows" and "reds" of His perfect direction!  Live for Him and trust Him this week!  Thank Him and praise Him for all the "go", "caution" and "stops" that He gives you, because He loves guiding you with perfect wisdom and timing!


  1. Ah! So what I needed - I praise the Lord for you, Bri. <3


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