"I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine!"
~John 10:14~
Hey there friends!
Hope you're doing SUPER!!!

I honestly didn't know what to share today.  The blog post page was like a blank canvas staring at me. Lol!  I have a little collection of thoughts though that aren't necessarily all coordinated for a specific theme, except that they are my thoughts! Lol!  Soooooo there you have it!  The theme for today's post is a little collection of Bri thoughts that God has been laying on my heart of late!  Lol! ;) May God use them to encourage you today!!!

Thought 1:)
~ Every day is a incredible adventure ready to be had and a heart journey ready to be blazed!  My heart journey of late has been learning to let go -completely- of all my life's details and dreams and let God give them "flight" or "ground" them and transform them into something far more spectacular than I could possibly fathom!  

Thought 2:}
~ Putting my Beloved God first will ALWAYS AND FOREVER bring about the sweetest freedom and peace!  He has captured my heart, and went ALL-OUT for me by sacrificing His only Son, because He wanted to protect me from perishing!!!! Wow.  He was pleased to turn away from His Son because He loved me just as much as Jesus.  And on top of that - His Son wasn't bitter because He loves me with the same love as His Father!!!!!!! Whoa. Whoa!  THAT is the most spectacular circle of love ever known!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What out-of-this-world passion and devotion our God lives out!!!!!

Thought 3:]
~ I'm SOOOOO glad that God knows and understands EVERYTHING that I don't!!! Phew-THAT is amazing!  His ways and thoughts are WAAAAAAY (out of the park) HIGHER than mine!!!!  Yesssssss! And incredibly He has made it so that my mind can be stayed on Him, the ALMIGHTY ONE, simply by trusting in His perfect trustworthiness!!!!!!!!!

Thought 4:>
~ I love how God knows me like nobody else!  I love how He reminds me of that fact everyday and is constantly drawing me closer, revealing more truths and showing me how much He loves me in ways that only He knows would bling my heart like crazy!  I'm humbled by that.  <3

Some good thinking verses ;)
~ "Is there anything too hard for The Lord?" -Genesis 18:14

~ "Who is like unto thee, O Lord among the gods?  Who is like Thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?" -Exodus 15:11

~"After these things the word of The Lord came unto Abram in a vision saying, Fear not Abram: I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward!" -Genesis 15:1

Anyhoo, there's some thoughts from my heart and mind and God's Word that are blessing me and I hope they bless you too, because they're true for YOU!!!
Go blaze the trail of your life adventure and heart's journey!!! God is loving blazing it with you!!!!
~Bri :)


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