An Adventure in Colombia with an Incredible God!

"I, even I, am the Lord and beside me there is no savior.  
I have declared and have saved, and I have proclaimed, 
when there was no strange god among you:
therefore ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord,
that I am God.
Yea, before the day was I am He, and there is none that can deliver out of my hand:  
I will work and who shall reverse it?!"
~Isaiah 43:11-13~

Hey there Everyone!! :)  I'm excited to share this post with you and give you a glimpse into my past weeks in Colombia!  I'm completely in awe of how God works in every place!

It's safe to say - that I left a piece of my heart in South America.  <3  The children of Colombia won it and I miss them so much!  I just can't even put into words how mightily and beautifully God worked on this trip!  Our team was very much aware of your prayers!  We saw how God had gone before us, was so evidently with us and was continuing the work, even when we had to leave!  I tried to sum up the trip in a few phrases today and it's hard because the list of phrases could go on and on, but below is a few key ones that came to mind describing this incredible adventure!

God powerfully present.
God divinely in the details.
God ever present in us.
God strong through weakness.
God radiant in glory.
God a Healer of brokenness.
God a Helper to the helpless and a 
fighter for the hopeless.
God working miracles through love.
God a Father to the Fatherless.
God before, behind, 
and with angel armies at our side.

I thought I would share some pictures and tell you a little of the stories behind them for today! 
Hope it brings a smile to your day and confirmation to your heart that God is gloriously at work in every place and loves using you right where He has you!

We started off the trip, the morning after we arrived in the city, at a very neat school with the sweetest kids!!  We were the first "foreigners" to visit the school and boy, o, boy did they ever give us quite the welcome!!  I have NEVER had so much love, hugs, kisses and smiles given to me in one day!  
The second morning and afternoon at the same school was filled with even more overwhelming love!
Cheers would literally break out when we entered the classes to teach them about God's promises through skits and crafts!  God's love IS something to cheer about and it blessed our socks off that they embraced it! :)

It was rough saying goodbye to our instant buddies, but it was one of the best experiences and exciting to know that God is still with them!

Saturday we headed to the south side of the city and saw some incredible views!  We also got to worship in song with a church up there and also put on an afternoon children's program!  (This wasn't planned originally - but we were SO glad that God brought it to pass!)  It's amazing how much God's love bonds lives, even in just an afternoon!

^ This was my south side little buddy!  I'll always treasure just snuggling with her silently, since we couldn't understand each other's language.  So precious!

Here are some random photos from around the city, just to give you a few snapshots of the surroundings!  I love the picture below, especially, because of the mountain view in the background and because of the gorgeous flower arrangements display!  They had such gorgeous flowers for sale!  Wish I could've brought some home! :)

Next, was a week at an orphanage!  We enjoyed every day of being there and wish we had longer!  God's promises were clearly shared and declared and lived out by our team and God's love bound our hearts together with the children!

The picture below is so special to me!
This little flower "pot" was on the grounds of the orphanage that we stayed at for a week.
As I walked by it one day, I read the verse and had one of those "WHOA!" moments that only God can give!  I had journaled that verse in my Colombia trip journal a couple weeks before we left!  The verse had stuck out to me as special for this trip and THERE IT WAS WRITTEN AS A FIXTURE at the place God had sent us to!  I was awe struck at how God was confirming that He was in this trip and in this place!  :)

I had the amazing opportunity to teach an art class on three different days to the older kids and absolutely LOVED every minute of it!  I immediately had a whole class of art pals and they were incredibly talented!!! I was THE PROUDEST teacher! :)

Another outstanding blessing of the trip was all of the passionate, like-minded and like-hearted friends that we made in each other as a team, in local Christian contacts and with international missionaries called to serve the Lord faithfully in Colombia!  I'm so grateful for people who love the Lord's Kingdom work and are willing to sacrifice anything He asks, to do it!



At the end of two weeks of standing in awe as God worked wonder after wonder, even though we couldn't stay and we couldn't take any of the children back with us - we did bring home countless treasures in memories, and in gift form to remember the precious lives that God called us to reach!
As we left the orphanage, we were bombarded with trinkets!  The children would run to their rooms and find something special to them and give it to us to remember them by!  It brings tears to my eyes typing this.  I'll treasure their selfless gifts for ever, but even more their lives and how they showed me the love of God so vividly, even though that's what I came to show them!

I praise my AMAZING God for the opportunity to have went to Colombia
and am humbled by all He revealed of Who He is in ALL the world!
Signing off for today with a very blessed heart,


  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your trip, Bri! It made my heart melt and made me tear up when you shared about the little kids giving the little trinkets and all the hugs and kisses they so freely gave you! So, so sweet! So glad you could go and be a blessing to them as well :) ♥Jessica

  2. Oh wow...this is pretty neat! So glad you got to go!! Looks like God worked everthing out!!


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