"You have multiplied, O Lord my God, Your wondrous
deeds and Your thoughts toward us; none can
compare with You!  I will proclaim and tell of them,
yet they are more than can be told!" ~Ps. 40:5 (ESV)

Happy New Week Friends!
I'm glad to have another week to live the amazing life that God has given! :O)

Wondrous! Wow, do I ever love that word!  :O)  I especially love it - because it describes the character of my God!  I feel like I could sit and think about His wondrousness forever and not even touch the surface! (I probably feel that way, because it's true! LOL!) 
A common suffix of sayings came to mind, the one that goes "...Nothing less, nothing more" and then I thought "Wow, with God it's "...Nothing less, ALWAYS more"!"  The wondrousness of our God is never ending and always at work!  (Just like the verse above says!) 

Do you have something that seems hopeless? 
Do you have desires that seem impossible?
Do you have deadlines that seem unattainable? 
Do you have circumstances that seem unfixable? 
Do you have a loving God Who ONLY does WONDROUS things?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what things "seem" or "feel" or "look" like - your God is absolutely, marvellously, WONDROUSLY weaving every detail, experience and circumstance for good in your life and for His glory! 

"Blessed be the Lord God,
the God of Israel, Who
only (alone) doeth wondrous things!"
~Psalm 72:18 (KJV)~

What an incredible, rock-solid truth of our mighty God's character!  He truly is wondrous!  His wondrous works are greater than your hopelessness, are stronger than your impossibles, have power over deadlines, and reign marvellously over your unfixables!  So be encouraged today, as I am, and let's claim that verse over our lives for God's glory! :O)

I'm a fan of your lives friends and am excited for all the ways that God is going to show His wondrousness to you today!

Here are some more references about God's wondrous works that really got me "pumped" and I know they would do the same for you too! :O)
{Psalm 107:8-9}
{Psalm 111:2-4,7-8}
{Psalm 145:5-12}
{I Chr. 16:9-12}
{Psalm 86:8-13}


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