At Just the Perfect Moment!

 "I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints!" ~Psalm 52:9

Hey there Everyone - another week has begun!
Let's redeem it for righteousness! :O)

Needs and desires - no doubt about it - we all have them!  Big ones, small ones, present ones, future ones, they're definetely a part of our life!  My Mom and Dad recently were in need of a family car.  They sought the Lord in prayer about it and searched for months online and at dealerships.  One car after another, they called on, looked at and prayed about it.  They found things they liked about each possibility, but with each car that came into the picture and price range - they just didn't have a peace about it.  They needed a car, but they wanted God's car, in God's timing, at God's price and so they continued to pray and search.  It started to get discouraging and seemed like there wouldn't be any results- but they trusted.  {God was gloriously at work "behind the scenes"!}  God had a perfect car planned, with details that only He could orchestrate so perfectly!  A car which would have normally been "out-of-price-range", went on sale right at a dealership the day before a road trip south that our family was taking.  God led our family to see it posted, on the morning that it went on sale and with a visit to the dealership and a TOTAL peace and excitment that it was the "one" - the car was purchased!  We just stood in awe.  We found out, that when a vehicle like that, goes on that type of sale, it normally sells in the same day.  We knew that it wasn't luck or coincidence, but God's perfect timing - absolutely perfect timing!  He orchestrated that car to be at that dealership and go on that sale, at that moment, just for us!  God led us to see it posted at that very same morning and by the next day, we were travelling south in God's car, at God's timing, at God's price. (AND it had every single detail that my parents had seen and liked in the many cars they looked at - but in one vehicle!!! :O)

God is always at work on your behalf!  And He fulfills needs and dreams AT JUST THE PERFECT MOMENT!  He is a God Who's passionate about details and answers not a moment too soon or a moment too late!

As I was praising God for His provision and was thinking through how detailed He is, it struck me how all of His answers are blessings!  Every answer, whether it's an immediate yes, or an immediate no, or wait - each one has such specific blessings and those blessings can be so easily missed by reacting instead of responding to His voice!  The "wait" answer really struck me as extra special!  At first, the mind hears the answer "wait" as if God was saying, "Here's a torturous journey till I answer you - hold on." But when you allow your spirit to tune your mind to God's character, the word "wait" from God truly says, "I have this journey of unmeasured blessing for you to have and hold until, at just the perfect moment,  I reveal to you the fulfillment of all that I've been accomplishing for you.  Will you take it and trust Me?"  WOW.  Who would want to pass up on that offer?!  :O)

Through awe, I see how such blessing comes from the waiting time of trusting God, seeking His counsel, and allowing Him to guide!  My heart jumps for joy at how God fulfills with His very best! My spirit soars in excitement to claim all of life's waiting journeys big or small, present and future for God's glory by enjoying Him with each step of His way!   My God's specialty is answering and fulfilling at just the perfect moment!

God is the biggest fan of your dreams and the most passionate Provider of your needs!  May you experience what a true honor it is to wait on Him and to praise Him with excitement, before, during, and after He answers you!

"For I know the thoughts that I think
toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace,
and not of evil, to give you an expected end!"
~Jer. 29:11~

"Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, Who ONLY doeth
wondrous things!"
~Psalm 72:18~

With gratefulness and a HUGE SMILE! :O)


  1. Oh Bri, I can't tell you just how much I needed to read your post this morning. <3 Thanks awfully for sharing these insights!


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