A Miraculous Equation!

"...Unite my heart to fear Thy name!"
~Ps. 86:11b~

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Singleness of Heart and Unity of Heart.  These aren't two phrases that our minds normally put together are they?!  It seems like both phrases each represent different phases of life don't they?  We tend to think of singleness as "a lonesome waiting of heart" time and unity as the time when we "find our matching heart!"  Well, I wanted to share how perfectly, in Christ,  these two phrases go hand-in-hand! ;o)  It just excites me like crazy! :O)  God laid a few verses on my heart today, let me share them!

"For Thou art great, and doest wondrous things: 
Thou art God alone!
Teach me Thy way, O Lord;  I will walk in Thy truth: 
unite my heart to fear Thy name,
I will praise Thee, O Lord my God,
with all my heart:  and I will glorify
Thy name for evermore!"
~Ps. 86:10-12~

The cross reference in my Bible said that "unite my heart" means "give me singleness of heart".  :O)  I just love that truth!  God has encouraged me all through my life, how important singleness of heart is -it's a unity with Christ!  The importance of singleness of heart doesn't ever change and it's SO SO vital in EVERY stage of life! When you're single and waiting for Mr. Right and Mr. Right is single and searching for you - the most important thing that will bring you together is your individual unity with Christ! When both of your hearts are bound in Christ - Christ Himself will help you know one another even before you meet, because you're both bound in His heart!  And when God brings you two together and you're married to Mr. Right - you become "one"!  One heart + One heart = A two-in-one heart! You become a two-in-one heart, both seeking after God in singleness of heart!  And just as your singleness of heart, when you're single, binds you to the heart of the one God has for you; when you're married the more you pursue God's heart - the more you're bound with the heart of your man! :O)  Isn't that such an awesome miraculous equation?!  I love God's ways!  Read those verses above again - doesn't that just thrill you?!  What a glorious life the unity of singleness of heart brings!!!

I'm excited for all of you single people whose "love stories" have been written by the hand of God and will be revealed in His perfect timing!  Blessings to you as you pursue His heart and are bound with Him!   And I praise God for those of you who God has made a perfect pair and are seeking Him together!  Blessings as you both, with oneness, pursue the heart of the Lord and draw closer to each other!

May we fear the Lord and praise Him name forever and ever - for He truly does WONDROUS things!!!!! 

With a smile,


  1. Bri - so glad I found your blog! It is a great encouragement reading posts from someone who is at the same stage in life. Thanks for sharing!


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