Wonders of His Love...

"The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love:  therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee!" ~Jer. 31:3

Hey there Everyone!
Hope this post finds you enjoying the week before Christmas!

I was sitting by our family's Christmas tree this morning and was thinking about my Savior and how we are celebrating His birth and was just overwhelmed with love.  Overwhelmed with His wondrous love -love like no other!  This simple thought came to mind and blessed me so much!

He came out of love so I could be His very own!  And He's coming again out of love for me - because I am His very own! wow.

What a glorious life I live!
What wondrous love!  God created us so we could be with Him forever and we fell and were seperated - but it didn't end there. Out of unfathomable love He made an ultimate sacrifice of pursuit to make a way for us to be redeemed and live as He desired and made us for!  He sacrificed Himself, through His Son.  He took on human life with a divine and miraculous mission to die in our place and purge our sin penalty through His pain.  And He did it!  He defied our eternal seperation from Him, because of our sin, through His very own death AND because of His undying love and endless power was raised to life!  He did this all - because He wants to be with us!  (Mind-blowing and heart stopping isn't it?)  He was born and died and rose again and is coming again because He loves each one of us! And even after all He sacrificed to be with us - He doesn't force us to accept Him.  wow.  He leaves that choice to us.  wow again!  That's what I call love - unconditional love -  supernatural love!  What an honor to have His affection, His devotion, His love!  What a priviledge of all priviledges to believe Him and accept Him and receive His Spirit!  Immanuel - God with us! 

May we marvel at His wondrous love this season - may we celebrate His life and watch with un-matched excitement for His coming again!
Grateful for each one of you!

(quick note-next post will be Jan. 2nd! Have the Merriest of Christmas'! :O)


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