Every Detail!

"But I trusted in thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my God.
 My times are in thy hand..." ~Psalm 31:14-15a

Hey Everyone! 
Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!
This picture duo makes me grin because of the meaning behind it!  Are you curious as to what a bug and a life story have to do with each other?  :O)  Well, I'll start explaining-lol!  I was swinging on a bench swing by myself one summer day a couple years ago and looked down to find that I wasn't alone - that cute little bug pictured above had joined me on the swing.  :O)  I got closer and peered at that tiny creature and just marvelled at the awesome, intricate detail that God puts into His creation!  It was so small and yet was created with a purpose and was a testament bearing witness of a divine Creator!   That little bug was such a huge reminder to me that God is passionately in every detail of life!  If God is so excited to put such extravagant detail into a little bug that maybe nobody, but me, even saw in it's short existence - how much more is He thrilled with every detail of me, who He created in His image and of my life story that He is written!  Not one detail of life from God's heart and hand is ever in vain.  His works are miraculous!  His heart is bursting with love for every detail of your awesome life - He loves to live each day to win your heart in billions of ways, whether they are all seen or not - He is rejoicing with anticipation to reveal His plan, in things you have sought Him for and in things you haven't, as He weaves your life story together with details beyond your comprehension!  Are you smiling like I am right now because of this truth?!  Doesn't it just make you want to run into His arms and thank Him?!  wow. 
God is in every detail. 
May you deeply trust Him this week and declare He is your God and witness His hand in the details of your life more than you ever have before!

Praising Him and praying for you!


  1. I've been learning more and more about details of life. I have always loved the so called "little things" in life we get to experience here on earth, but God just keeps teaching me about the passion HE has for them. Indeed, this does make me smile. :)


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