"...because I love you."

Hey there friends!  
It's been a pretty busy last two weeks (hence me not posting last week), but I'm back at it!
To be honest this has been on my heart to post and today works perfectly to do so!  This is a very short and sweet post - but I hope it's truth plays your hearts strings as it does mine!

A couple of weeks ago, I get a call from my amazing sister who lives in Illinois.  I answer the phone and got a doubly sweet phone call because my sweet little 3 year old niece was on the line too! *Grin* (two of my most favorite girls in the world in one phone call - SCORE! ;)  Anyhoo, my sister Erika tells me that as they were driving in the car, Cora (my niece) said, "Can we call Bri?  Because I love her." 
Wow.  That just blessed my heart like crazy!  What a sweet thought and I was on her heart!!! Ahhh so amazing!  As we talked on the phone about life, she blessed my heart even more by saying that she wanted to hold my hand.  Goodness.  I just love her!

Well, that got me to thinking...
If I was soooooooo blessed by my niece wanting to talk to me because on was on her heart and mind and because she loves me and by her wanting to hold my hand - how much more does God love it when we talk to Him because we love Him, because He's on our heart and mind and when we tell Him that He is! And in the same way but even more how it must bless our Lord when we tell Him that we want to hold His hand and let Him lead us, because we trust and love Him!  There's such security and yet freedom when you hold the hand of someone who knows you best and desires what's best for you right?!!!  Hmmm happy thought indeed! 

Anyhoo, my simple encouragement is do just that - talk to God and fellowship with Him throughout your day!  As you talk with Him, tell Him its, "because I love you"!  And delight in holding His strong and gentle hand - the hand of the One Who delighted in giving you life and delights to show you life abundant through His perfect will!

With a smile,


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