In Waiting Times

Hey there friend!  Hope your day is going great and that this post adds some encouragement to it!

Today is a simple sharing of my heart!

I know that I've written quite a number of posts on the topic of waiting, but I just feel it's a constant life topic that I'm always up for a bit of encouragement in and thought maybe you are too! ;)  Waiting times are experienced in every stage of life and God is so faithful to continually show me what great benefits He has designed for the person "in waiting"!  This post is to share with you a recent boost that God gave regarding waiting.

Waiting can often feel like you're in a time absent of benefit.  I feel as though most of us tend to think of the "desired end" of a waiting time as the only benefit, but that is very far from true!  The reality is that God has designed many benefits for the one in waiting all through-out the waiting process!  It's like a Kindgom savings account and the waiting times can be interest gained, if you are a wise steward of it!!!! We're talking about interest that's waaaaay better than money! It's experiencing more of Who God is, a refining of His character within us, seeing life through His perspective and the list goes on!  It truly can bind your heart so very dear to the Lord if you will choose to focus on Him!  Waiting is a glorious opportunity of time to fall more and more in love with all of Who God is!  Use your "in waiting" time to surrender your desired "end" to His timing and look for and claim God's sweet gifts along life's path!  He knows how to love us so well!  Enjoy being loved by Him and don't get too wrapped up and distracted from the gift of now by focusing on your desired "later"!

Blessings to you in waiting times! I'm cheering you on!!!


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