Hey there friend!
Hope this day has a been a great one for you and that this blog post is a blessing too!

Friendliness.  I value all the meaning that is held in that one word.  I've been thinking on how much experiencing someone who is friendly blesses me.  So, today I wanted to specifically keep my eye out for friendliness and sadly on the day I focused in on it - I didn't encounter too many friendly people. Lol - kind of ironic! But still made the point of this post all the more relevant!!  Friendless is so important! It saddens me when people don't choose to be friendly.  It's sad for them to be in that place and then sad for all the people that they could've had impact on by showing kindness to!

I looked up the Webster dictionary definition for "Friendly" and here's what it said (Makes me smile typing this - love the definition!)

"1.Having the temper and disposition of a friend; kind; favorable; disposed to promote the good of another.
2. Disposed to peace.
3. Amicable.
4. Not hostile; as a friendly power of state
5. Favorable; propitious; salutary; promoting the good of..."

Life is too short not to be friendly!  Doesn't matter whether you're a more quiet person, or talkative, whether you're on the shy side or outgoing, whether you're a "people person" or not - friendliness is a quality that is such a gift to give and can be given in many different ways!  It can be as simple as eye contact and a smile, a kind greeting or farewell, a nice comment or casual conversation, a compliment, a sincere "thank you" or "have a blessed day!".

I'm always impressed by people who show themselves friendly and feel very valued as a person when they show friendliness to me personally! I love when a cashier doesn't treat me as just "another shopper" by barely even acknowledging me, but kindly greets me, maybe compliments my taste in purchase or comments about the weather!  I love it when the coffee barista doesn't just call my name when my coffee's ready like a PA announcement with no regard for the person that belongs to that name, but looks up and announces the name cheerfully and even smiles and bids me a good day as I grab my cup of coffee and leave happy for that simple gift of barista cheer!  And because I love being the receiver of such friendliness, I choose to be friendly too!  I choose to be more than "just another shopper" handing that cashier money, or coffee customer, but a giver of a cheerful "Hello" and "How's your day going?" as they give me the service I came in for!  I choose to be friendly through showing my gratefulness to them for doing their job!  I choose to be a smiling face in the sea of people that make up their day!  Even if they don't return the friendliness, kindness never goes void!  It has more impact than you can even know!!!  Don't be a "head down" (aka look at the phone) person who avoids opportunities to spread cheer!  Let's keep our heads up and engage the generations around us in need of Jesus' love!

I am convinced that Jesus didn't walk around during His time on earth with His head down in hopes to just avoid having to be friendly to anybody!  No way!  He embraced the opportunities He had with people to show them kindness and to show them their worth!

Life and people are so valuable!  Show them their worth by choosing friendliness/kindness!  When you choose to be a friendly soul - you choose to demonstrate the love of Jesus - you share Him with them in that moment and God uses moments like that for His glory!

"Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another..." - Romans 12:10

Blessings to you!
Have fun being a friendly one! ;)


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