Love in Action

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I pray that this post is an encouraging reminder for you just as much as it is to me!

Love in Action.  I like those three words! lol!  The reason I titled this post with that trio of words is because I wanted to encourage you (and myself just as much) to live out love!!!

Whether you're married or single like me, there are people in your life that you love and it's so important to show it to them!!!  Here are simply a few ideas on how to do that (that I'm wanting to act on myself too!)!

1) Don't ever "grow out of" writing and/or mailing love notes to your loved ones!  I ABSOLUTELY love getting a little note left for me by one of my family members and I know they love it when they get one too!  It only takes a minute or two to write out a little love and leave it where they'll find it!! :) (but the lasting blessing goes a lot further than the two minutes of time given up to do it!!! ;) Also, you can write notes as mini "time capsules" to be opened at future times!  I wrote two letters yeeeeears ago to the spouses of my two siblings (not knowing who they would be) encouraging them in their relationships with my sister and bro! I've even written letters to the man I'll marry someday for him to read and know that I loved him even before I met him! Grin. Write out your love friends! It's a precious gift!

2) Affirm verbally!  There's a song that says, "you say you love me when you say nothing at all" and while that can be true (unspoken love), it's still a super proven fact that saying you love someone and being specific to tell them what it is you love about them is STELAR in growing relationships!!!  Look your Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Wife, Husband, Children etc. in the eyes, maybe hold their hands, or put your arms on their shoulder and tell them you love them!  This is sadly becoming less and less common to do! ahhh!  Do it people! ;)

3) Know your loved ones!  Just as you do research for your job to make a livelihood!  "Research" aka take notice and ask and mental note what your loved ones love and enjoy and act on the results you come up with!  That's vital to relationship life even more than the research you do for your livelihood!  Just saying.... ;)

4) Set up signals to remind you to pray for your loved ones!  Maybe it could be when you take your first sip of coffee that's your signal to pray over your family's day and maybe when you have your afternoon break that means to pray over them again etc. etc. 

As a few personal examples:

 I was on my sweet brother's laptop and suddenly this little beep goes off and this window pops up saying, "Pray for Bri" and he's had that reminder programed to do that for YEARS! My heart overflows knowing he set a reminder and loves praying for me! 

When I'm stopped at a train waiting for it to pass, I've set that up as a signal to spend time praising God for Who He is!  :)  See?  It can be anything that you can use as a signal for specific prayer time! 

5) Have impromptu times of doing fun things and also plan dates to focus on each other!  It's so important in marriage, and even if you're single it's good to go out with your siblings and family members to spend time specifically focused on your relationship!  My brother and I are going to a hockey game this Tuesday and I'm sooooo looking forward to it!!!!

6) Love even those that you don't know!  A smile and looking people in the eye out in public and thanking the cashier or anyone who helps you in a store etc. goes a long way and shows the love of Jesus to them!  You might even be given an opportunity to tell someone you will pray for them and even share the story of Jesus' love for them verbally too!  Keep your eyes open for opportunities and ask God to open doors and believe me - He will!  You will be amazed!  He loves when we want to love others, because that's what He made us for - to love!!!!

Ask God to help you love better and love out His love to your loved ones!!!  And have fun doing so!!!!! :)

John 15:9 "As the Father hath loved Me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love." -Jesus

Blessings to you!!!
Cheering you on in active love!!!


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