A Princess and a Frog Prince

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Hope this little post puts a smile on your face and encouragement in your day! (This post is geared toward us girls, but is still a good read for you guys out there waiting on the Lord to reveal to you - your Princess! ;)

Ahhh. Who doesn't love the tale of the Princess and her Frog Prince right?!  I mean I do!  It's such a whimsical love story!  A princess going about her day and happens upon a frog who's been cursed to remain as a pond dweller until the love of a princess frees him.  The princess humbly gives him a smooch and *bam* a super handsome prince appears in the frog's place and tells her that he has a castle that he wishes to whisk her away to and off they go with much joy and merriment and love and live together reigning in his kingdom happily ever after!!!!!   (of course that's my paraphrase of the story - lol.)  It's a cute story and I mean, sometimes I wish my love story would come about like that - I'd TOAD-ally kiss a frog if it meant my prince would appear! Lol!  (sorry-I couldn't resist!) Lol!

I think alot of girls dream of fairytale love stories, and while, I know that life isn't exactly like that and there's a lot more details in between, life can still be a happily ever after in every stage of life, single or married, when you focus on the One Who made love and IS love!

God is trustworthy friends.  If you truly believe that statement and love the heart of God towards you - you will experience a contented heart in every stage of life, whether you're going about your day hoping to come across a frog prince or if you've said "I do" and get to smooch your prince every day!

I love this excerpt from a book I'm reading by Jennifer J. Lamp.  In her book titled, "His Chosen Bride" she says this, 
"A verse I read this morning was so simple, yet held such powerful truth: "Our help is in the Name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." (Psalm 124:8)  To think, the One in whom we trust, the One on whom we depend, is the same God who created the heavens and the earth (and everything from the huge mountains to the tiniest atom within them!)  If He created all of this out of nothing, can we not trust His ability to bring together two people who already exsist?  "Is there anything too hard for Me?" (Jeremiah 32:27)  Do we really think we must somehow "make God's will happen?"  Does the Creator of the universe really need our help?  Yet isn't that how we often think?  I know I've been guilty more than once.  It is a trap into which we can too easily fall.  We must believe and know it to be true, that if we are living a life in obedience to Him, we cannot "miss" His will for us ~ for He is certain to bring it about!  Such a beautiful promise He has given:  "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: Thy mercy, O Lord, endureth forever: forsake not the works of Thine own hands." - Psalm 138:8"

My heart very much agrees with what she shared (even though it's hard sometimes to get my emotions on board with that truth), but when your emotions threaten to get you downhearted, tell them who's boss - remind them of WHO GOD IS and how much He cares and is trustworthy!  When you trust His heart and know His will and hands will do what is best - your NOW IS a happily ever after!!!  (and listen too - because He's not a distant God Who is silent - He loves speaking to the heart of those who choose to listen and He loves including you into an active part of His plan for you!  (in your love story and life story!)

A HUGE key is the beauty and honor of contentment!   Here's another excerpt that's SO good!  

"(Jesus) He came to give...This is the stuff of which true love is composed; the giving of one's self for another. "My life for yours." To selflessy serve, to give more than 100%, to pour our life out for that other person - this should be our ultimate goal, just as God desires us to respond to His love now.  The more we depend on the Lord...content in Him, in love with Him, the more we will be able to bless the husband God would bring.  Additionally, we will find ourselves much more contented in marriage (for we have learned the "secret of being content" - trusting the Lord in all things!) ...if we come to marriage as needy women, needing someone to support us, someone to build us up, to always meet our emotional needs, we will be dreadfully disappointed.  Not only will a husband never be able to fully satisfy those needs, we will be a drain to him in requiring so much.  On the other hand, if we come into marriage content in the Lord Jesus, fulfilled already in Him, drawing emotional energy from the Lord and with a foundation of loving Him, then we truly have a gift to joyfully offer to them" (our spouse)!

So, my main point that I wanted to encourage you in is this - if you're a Princess in waiting - trust the King of Kings!  Be humble and kind and go about your day with contentment in the matchless love of Jesus!  The King knows every Prince in every land - there's no "pond" that they can be hidden from Him in and He is a PERFECT MATCHMAKER!  If marriage is part of His plan - nothing will thwart His hand in bringing it about!  Save those kisses - don't try and make the King's will happen in your own timing.  Trust Him and save yourself for the one that will appear before you when the Almighty Loving God reveals him! (But also don't despise the process and the details that bring you to God's ultimate will!)  And all you single and married girls - live as the heiress of the Kingdom that the King has already given you - don't live as a pauper emotionally by focusing on what hasn't happened in life that you wish would!  Jesus said that the Kingdom of heaven is now!  Live in it - dance in the merriment that His truth gives and love Him - for when you choose that life view and live in the present as a gift from God - you will be in the best position for whatever the future holds!

Much love to you!!!!!!!!!
Praying for you dear reader!


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