Love, Your Future Self

Hey friends!  HAAAAAAPPY New Year!!!!!  I'm super excited for all that this 2017 holds and grateful for the One Who holds it - our awesome God Almighty!!!!

God was encouraging me around Christmas time and is continuing to in this New Year in a specific way that my heart needed and I wanted to share it with you!

I experienced a situation that was discouraging and I was feeling kinda bummed about it.  Ever have something you've been waiting for, feel like maybe you're getting close, but then it seems as though it's a closed door?  Yeah.  I think we all have quite a bit of those times in life, but God is always faithful to encourage me and He gave me a new perspective!  I thought of my future self.  (Lol - sounds rather funny I know, but bear with me on this!)  I thought on my future self experiencing the answer to what I've been praying and waiting for.  I thought on how, in the future I'd be praising God and not regretting every step that brought me closer to that day.  I thought on how today is a step that is bringing me closer to His perfect will, which makes me IN HIS PERFECT WILL, which makes right now almost as special as in the day when I see the unseen!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you following me on that one?  I hope I didn't lose ya - if I did, back up and read it again! Lol!  But truly, think about it!  One day in the future I will be thinking back on what is today and realizing how crucial it was to trusting God and it made me realize how much today IS a CRUCIAL part of the future!  I can choose to be bummed and discouraged that today isn't the revelation of God's plan in a certain area of life for me, or I can make my future self proud - lol - by rejoicing and praising Him in today's waiting, just as much as in the day I'm no longer waiting!!! Lol!  (are ya still with me?!) More importantly - I bless the heart of my Maker and loving God by doing so AND I receive present and eternal blessings by making that choice today - by choosing joy in this journey!!!!!! It's ok to feel discouraged, but not ok to stay there!  Give the future you - no regrets by choosing joy and praise today! ;)   

Doesn't that just pump you up in excitement for the here and now and even in seemingly "closed door" moments???!!!  It's like God allowed my future self to write me a letter that I'm "seeing" today that says, 

"Trust Him Bri, don't lose hope!  
For this very moment is vital to the blessing of 
God's plan in the future!  
Praise Him in the present, 
and in doing so - 
you leave a legacy for the past and 
it brings blessing now and for the future!"   
Your Future Self 

Questions I'm asking myself:
Am I satisfied in Jesus today, because my satisfaction today plays a big part in how I'm satisfied with Him in my future!
Am I all-out trusting Him with joy?
Is He enough for me and do I passionately believe His plan is p-e-r-f-e-c-t?!

May these be true of me BIG time this year!!! Lord, may it be so! Thank you that You love to grant heart desires according to your will and I want Your heart's desires as my own! I praise You that You love hearing my prayers, restoring my joy, being with me in the waiting and revealing Your plan in Your perfect timing!!! 

"I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth!... Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together!" - Psalm 34:1 & 3

Blessings to you friend!
May you trust Him and praise Him in the present, while leaving a legacy for your past and bringing a blessing now and to your future!!!
Today is exciting and so is every tomorrow!  I'm cheering you on as you pray for God's will and wait on His answer, His good gifts and His perfect timing!!


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