Blank Canvas Times

Hi there!  Welcome to my blog if this is your first time and if you've visited before - welcome back!  Last week was a crazy week and I didn't get a post up - but I'm back at it this week!

I've written a good handful of posts along the lines of the topic of this one, but God just keeps encouraging my heart with new aspects of the truth and outlook on it! His ways are endless to explore and learn, so I keep sharing, because I love encouraging you too!

Blank canvas times aka the "unknowns" - they're a part of life.  A lot of times we can despise them, be frustrated by them, be stressed but them, confused by them, or be disheartened by them, and yet they can be exciting too!  

It's all in perspective!

I can tend to feel all those negative feelings about the unknowns, but God continually reminds me to be excited about them and He reminded me in a very specific way pertaining to what I love to do - make art!

As an artist - I loooooove a blank canvas in front of me.  To me it means the beginning of something great!  It's the platform in which an art piece is about to take place!  I love the potential it holds and I love how, when everyone else sees a blank board - I see all I have in store for it!  If I'm doing an art presentation, in front of an audience, I love to keep them intrigued and guessing.  I love making marks on the canvas that no one can picture how it all fits into the whole drawing I have planned.  I love hearing the gasps when there's an element of surprise in my art - the unexpected.  Wouldn't it be silly if a person sitting at my presentation was fearful thinking, "I don't know how this is going to turn out and I'm afraid she's not going to succeed in her plan for this piece!" Wouldn't it be kind-of ridiculous if someone sitting in the crowd was agitated or aggravated with each of my strokes - saying to themselves and others, "Why did she do that?  That's so annoying that she just did that because I don't understand it!"  Wouldn't it be kind of foolish for someone to be stressed out during my presentation?  Thinking and telling those around them, "I'm so stressed out because I'm not sure how all this is going to turn out?  What if it doesn't look good?  Does she even really know what she is doing?"  

I haven't heard of anyone feeling those feelings during one of my chalk art presentations (which uses art to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ), and I hope they haven't, but it would be sad if they did! Yikes - lol! That's not the point or passion or drive of why I draw! I draw to bring God glory and show people His love!  My feedback so far has been that it's relaxing, fun to keep guessing, and they couldn't see how it was all going to come together, but they knew it would! And the ending was better than they expected! (Especially from those that know me well!)

My purpose in that example is not to brag on my art, but to bring glory to God with a personal perspective to HIS MASTERFUL WORK in our lives!  His love for each of our life's unknowns far outshines my love for a blank canvas!  He is the MASTER LIFE ARTIST!  What we see as blank canvas' - He sees as masterpieces. And I'm not saying that He loves to keep us guessing per say, but I am saying that He loves when we trust the "strokes" He makes, even when we can't see how they will fit in to be a vital part to the masterpiece!  He loves surprising our heart with revelations of His will in specific ways and often in the unexpected!  It's silly for us to worry that He won't succeed with His plan for His masterpiece!  It's ridiculous for us to be agitated and aggravated at the strokes He makes that we don't understand.  It's foolish to be stressed out wondering if He even knows what He is doing - ESPECIALLY when we PERSONALLY KNOW Him and His infinite abilities!  

We know His art is irrefutably flawless in every step of the making! We know He has never failed in the past and never will in the future!  We know His work is the highest level of skill that ever was or ever will be!  How can we not but trust Him, love Him and enjoy blank canvas life times?!!!  The MASTER ARTIST holds that "canvas" and He has AMAZING plans that are peace-filled, fun, in the truest form, and with an outcome that will never cease to be better than expected! (We're talking the skilled hands of God Almighty!) :)

"But I trusted in Thee, O Lord:  I said, Thou art
 my God.  My times are in Thy hand..." -Psalm 

“Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, 
which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast 
taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.” -
Revelation 11:17

Blessings to you dear one! God hold's your life with the greatest excitement!  Trust His heart and His plan!  He loves you more than you can every know!

And special thanks to my sweet friend Krissy, who gave me that little photo card with a note on the back that says, "A blank canvas...the possibilities are ENDLESS!" 


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