"Let Me Dream for You"

Hello there!  So excited to have you visit my blog today!  I pray that this post blesses your socks off!!!!!!!! ;)

Over the years I've had many dreams, as I'm sure you have too!  I like dreams - such delightful things aren't they?! Lol! The greatest part of dreams that I've ever experienced though, is what God loves to do with them!!!!  He loves and I mean LOVES to hold them and shape them into exactly, and I mean EXACTLY what is very best for us!!!!  It's such a neat thought to me that the Creator Who made me and designed me with the ability to dream, gives me the opportunity to give my dreams to Him!  He doesn't make me give them to Him, but He waits with a loving anticipation that I will, because when I do, He takes them and works WONDROUS and MARVELOUS details into them! He works them perfectly -more than I ever could in pursuing them on my own with them clutched tightly in my own grip. ;)

I kinda picture it like this.  

I'm given a beautiful piece of Mahogany wood. It smells amazing, has such a beautiful grain running through it and it's ready to be carved into something spectacular!!!  I stare at it and lots of ideas start popping into my head!  I run my fingers over the smooth wood and trace the imaginary lines of a design that's in my mind's eye.  I have great plans for this beautiful gift of wood.  I'm artsy, but still I'm no carver and yet I imagine myself being able to carve at least something into the wood. I know though, that it wouldn't be the very best use of it's beauty.  I like my ideas for it and feel as though they are "on point", but I admit that I couldn't execute the design as good as an expert wood carver.  Oh, and did I mention I know an EXPERT and I mean EXPERT wood carver?!  He even offered to carve it for free!  I'd be kinda crazy to try and chip away at that piece of wood when I could take it to him, wouldn't I?!  So I do.  I go to the expert and give him my piece of wood and talk to him about my design ideas.  He likes my ideas. His expert hands run knowingly along the the piece I gave Him and He smiles as I talk and talk about all my ideas, since there's so many!  He doesn't grow impatient or get aggravated with me, just has this intriguing grin and twinkle in his eyes as he affirms that my ideas are good ones.  I finally finish my excited babbling and ask him what he thinks. I tell him that I value his opinion and if he thinks that a different design would be better, then I'm good with that (although I secretly hope he thinks my designs and plans will work best - lol!).  His kind and gentle voice tells me again that He likes my ideas and that my enthusiasm makes him happy and then he says that he wants to surprise me with the details.  He's going to hold my ideas close to heart as he works the masterpiece.  He then tells me to keep up the good work in the talents that God has given me and he'll get back to me when his design is completed, but also tells me to not be a stranger and keep in touch even while he's working his surprise!  I grin and my heart does a happy dance!  "What a good decision Bri!" I say to myself. So glad that I chose to surrender over my gift! I walk on with life, (more like waltz since I'm so happy) and I feel such a peace because I just left my gift in the hands of the most amazing designer. I was blessed that he didn't think my ideas were too low below him either - he encouraged me like crazy and made me even more happy that my ideas, designs and dreams for that piece of wood were in his care.  I knew he valued me and valued them and because of that I decided that whatever design he decided on would be exactly what my heart would be the most happy with! 

Now, that little story above isn't true in the exact form of the story, but it is true in the allegory form. If you just take it and apply it to you and your life dreams, every bit of it is true - God being the Master Designer/Carver! 

I sometimes get so wrapped up in thinking about my own designs and ideas for my dreams and how to go about getting them to happen/come to be, that I miss out on the sweet and miraculous gift of my dream Giver taking them the route that they would be most dynamically accomplished on!  He never and I mean NEVER disappoints in the dream shaping and molding and carving and accomplishing department!  :)  

God's heart says, "let me dream for you!" What a glorious gift that the Master Creator actually says that to us!!!!!!!! (insert all the heart eyes in the world here!) ;)

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty (inaccessible) things, which thou knowest not!" -Jeremiah 33:3

I love the chorus to Casting Crowns' song "Dream for You".

It says, 

"So come on, let Me dream, let Me dream for you.
I am strong when you're weak and I'll carry you.
So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand.
I'll show you what I can do
When I dream for you.
I have a dream for you!"

Blessings to each one of you and your awesome dreams -they are gifts!  I encourage you to give those gifts to the Expert Dream Accomplisher and wait with patience and excitement for all He is going to do in making them and bringing them to be in the very BEST EVER way that they can be!


  1. My first time on your blog and I LOVE it! This post ks so beautiful. I never thought of it this way before. Keep writing!

    1. Allison! Thank you for being so sweet and commenting this encouragement! God used you to bless me today! <3 Have a wonderful week awesome gal!


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