Saying "Amen" with Conviction

"For all the promises of God in Him (Jesus) are yea, and in Him (Jesus) Amen, 
unto the glory of God by us."
-2 Corinthians 1:20-

Hi there!  I'm excited about this post!  I love it when I get to share something that God clearly lays on my heart, something that He is teaching me and encouraging me in, which is the whole purpose of this blog! ;) Hope this post encourages you too! :)

I posted not too long ago with the theme of the word "Amen", but God has brought it to mind again and with more detail regarding it from His heart!  :)  Have you thought much about what it means and represents?  I say it at the end of prayer more out of habitual conclusion than actual conviction.  But the word "Amen" is actually very full and deep of rich meaning and I want to think more on it's richness when I say it!  

The Hebrew and Greek definitions of "Amen" include these word's - firm, trustworthy, surely, so be it, verily, truth, faithfulness. I rather like all of those words don't you?! Lol!  Amen is used in different ways in Scripture and so all of these words represent different uses for the word, but still encompass the meaning of the word! :)  

Thinking on these definitions it's neat to see the statement of "Amen!" as a conviction of...

-confidence in God's promises and 
-faith in claiming them!
-surrender to God's Ultimate Will ("so be Your will God!")
-declaring God's trustworthiness 
-assurance in the firm truth of Who God is 
-boldness that when we pray His Will - it will be accomplished in His perfect time!

What a beautiful, glorious opportunity prayer is -  
Being ushered in the Holy place of the Holy One with spoken Word and loving to be heard.
He loves when we do just that - talk to Him, fellowship with Him.  He loves hearing our heart and speaking to it, to us.
He loves bold approaches to His throne with the desire of His glory to be revealed!
He loves blesses us and using us to accomplish His will through talking to Him about it!
He loves us.  Oh, how He loves us and He is to praised for ever and ever.  
Amen and Amen!

Blessings to you!  May your heart rejoice and may you smile with excitement the next time you say "Amen" with conviction!! ;)


  1. Ah, this is so good!
    Blessed my heart! Thank-you for sharing. Love your blog. =)

  2. So helpful. I say a resounding AMEN!


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