God's Mercy in the Details

Hello there! Hope your week is going great! 

Today I'm grateful for God's control and mercy over the details of life! I'm also grateful to be alive. Traveling down the road, we made a "pit stop" and I wanted an icecream cone.  Lol! I thought it'd be a fast snack grab and back on the road again, but suddenly their icecream machine broke down. The workers acted like it was strange and tried fixing it - they were all puzzled and couldn't get it to work. Meanwhile I'm waiting, but getting impatient on the inside and wanting to be on my way. They said the milkshake side was still working and so I said that I'd take a milkshake. They then proceeded to tell me the difference in price and charge me for it, which took more time and then still yet had to make the milkshake. By this time, I'm kinda aggravated that they actually charged me and am thinking to myself, 
I'm  just ready to get out of here!" 

All this to say though, God's timing is divine. He can use anything to accomplish His merciful will. I wasn't grateful for my snack stop experience at the moment, but I would be not too long after, when I realized just how crucial those extra moments were of being "detained" longer than I had planned. God had a different plan and it was GRAND in that little life detail.  

Our family headed back down the highway and shortly thereafter came up to a fully stopped traffic jam.  We saw flashing lights not to far ahead of us. We were close behind  an awful accident.   A highway worker informed us 3 hours later as they re-routed us back through the shut down highway that it was a fatal accident.  A semi had crossed into oncoming lanes and plowed head-on with a car. It was a horrible accident. A soul was ushered into eternity.  And it could have been any of us. Mom was the one God used to point out to me the benefit of my snack "snafu" and to remind me that there's always a bigger picture with a big God!  

God used a lot of details in our day to protect our family from harm, but I know that the icecream one was a part of His hand that I got to see.  I was reminded to "...in everything gives thanks, for it is the will of God concerning me..." Were those few minutes at my snack stop aggravating? Sure. But they were also making a world of difference in my future for the good! I would have never guessed that at the time!  I want to remember that. I want to live knowing that my every moment is in God's hands and praise Him and trust Him in everything!

  I love details! I tend to love the ones I see as beneficial more than seemingly "nothing" ones, but I'm so glad that God values them all!  And that fact alone makes me want to love them all and love Him more!  So grateful for God's control and mercy in life details! 

Next time something in your life timeline gets you aggravated-turn it into a time to "step back" and realize that God's got the bigger picture! Turn it into an opportunity to praise Him for His hand in details, whether you end up seeing the "why" or not! :)

Blessings to you!!!



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