Embracing the Impossible aka Hugging Your Giant

"And he said, the things which are impossible with men 
are possible with God!"
~Luke 18:27~

Hi there! The fact that you're here reading this post makes me smile!  :)  This is the second post in a mini-series of posts on the theme of Faith!!!  It's a rather little post today, but BIG in truth! Lol! :) Hope it blesses you like crazy! :)

The word "Impossible" and all it contains in meaning seems like it would be a Giant, if it was a character doesn't it?!  It seems big, looming and intimidating!  It seems like a big dasher and squasher of dreams and hopes.  The key word there though, is "seems".  A lot of people let impossibility "giants" in their life defeat them and rob their hope and joy!  They put aside faith and allow themselves to settle for satan's lies.  They're then led astray by what "seems" to be true but isn't.  Satan is a deceiver and doesn't want us to see God and His truth in everything!  It's so devastating to let impossibilities scare you away from GREAT blessing!  It's so easy to get overwhelmed by a "giant" and miss the bigger picture, but when you look with eyes of faith; you see beyond the looming shadow of impossibility. You see your Heavenly Father's power and how the UNIVERSE is at His command!  Suddenly, the giant standing there in front of you doesn't look so big anymore, in fact, the giant called "Impossible" is so small in comparison to your God that you could squeeze him like a teddy bear! Lol!!! Impossibilities are nothing in comparison to the sovereignty and glory and perfect will of your King, and His will is always accomplished!  (Giants don't stand a chance!)  Impossibilites are His specialty and He DELIGHTS in showing you how small they are, by how BIG He is and blessing you greatly when you believe!!!!!!!!! :)  I'm sitting here grinning as I typed that phrase!  WOWZERS!  We get to know the God who SPECIALIZES in the impossible??!!!!!!!  Say whaaaaat?!!!  Man, is that ever exciting!!!! 

So take your life "impossibles" into perspective today, by fixing your eyes on your Savior and, in turn, seeing the bigger picture with eyes of faith!!!!!  Hug those "giants" and live with excitement for all God has, is and will do for YOU!!! He loves you like crazy!!!!!!!!!!

 "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, 
With men this is impossible; 
but with God all things are possible!!!!!!!!!!
~Matt. 19:26~

 "And Jesus answering saith unto them, 
Have faith in God!"
~Mark 11:22~

Blessings to you!!!!!!
:) ~Bri


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