It's a Fact of Life

"The Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy in all His works!' ~Psalms 145:17

Hello there!  Glad you "stopped by" my blog today! :)  I hope you're encouraged by this post!

So, picture this ok?  
The vastness of the universe.  It's endless existence with stars bigger than our sun that are countless in number.  Then picture our little planet earth.  There it is a small spec in comparison to the real estate of space.  "Zoom in" on our planet.  Go through the atmosphere, pass the satellites, through the mounds of clouds, pass a few birds and down to the ground where I'm standing in a grocery store parking lot staring at the sky with a grin on my face. I'm looking up with wonder at tiny molecules of rain that are colliding into light and creating a double rainbow stretched in a glorious and brilliant display of color over my head!  Yeah. God is so powerful that He created the universe with His spoken word and He is so wonderful that His word includes the tiniest of details that are HUGE in declaration of His glory!  He didn't have to bother with raindrops and light colliding on this tiny planet earth but He did, because He is AMAZING like that!  He knew we would enjoy it and set that rainbow in the sky to remind us of Him and His promises!  God is PASSIONATE about details!!! It's a fact of life!  How can we look at a rainbow and not believe that He isn't intimately concerned and passionate about every one of our life details?!  Because He is. For Him not to be, would be for Him to deny Himself - which will NEVER happen. God loves your details!  Whether or not you believe or live in it - it's a FACT and one that should be claimed and lived by every second of every day!

Job 37:1-14  "At this also my heart trembleth, and is moved out of his place.
Hear attentively the noise of his voice, and the sound that goeth out of his mouth.
He directeth it under the whole heaven, and his lightning unto the ends of the earth.
After it a voice roareth: he thundereth with the voice of his excellency; and he will not stay them when his voice is heard.
God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend.
For he saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth; likewise to the small rain, and to the great rain of his strength.
He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.
Then the beasts go into dens, and remain in their places.
Out of the south cometh the whirlwind: and cold out of the north.
10 By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened.
11 Also by watering he wearieth the thick cloud: he scattereth his bright cloud:
12 And it is turned round about by his counsels: that they may do whatsoever he commandeth them upon the face of the world in the earth.
13 He causeth it to come, whether for correction, or for his land, or for mercy.
14 Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God."

Next time you're tempted to think that God doesn't care about the littlest things "zoom out" and "zoom in" and stand in awe of His passion for details! 
Blessings to you!


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