In His Time

"Honor and majesty are before Him: strength and beauty are in His sanctuary!" ~Psalms 96:6

Hello there!  I'm happy to have you "stop by" and read the musings of my heart today! :)

I like things fast!  Being patient makes me ancy - lol!  I love being on-the-go and getting instant results!  I guess that's pretty common in our society now isn't it, but that doesn't make it an 
"all good" thing!

I was thinking this week about how I'm glad that God isn't that way!  I'm glad He doesn't get ancy or impatient.  I'm glad He doesn't crave instant results!  Life would  actually be pretty tragic if He did!  Just think of the sun instantly rising with blazing speed and then setting by diving down fast .  There would be no glorious light show like the one I saw this morning and love to see over the lake at dusk.  Imagine if the cycle of tree leaves were sped up from green to an instant brown and dropped to the ground.  There'd be no brilliant colors to stare in awe at.  What if the mountain water just skipped the step of running lazily through the rock.  It wouldn't be pure and refreshing and the best tasting water I've ever drank!  Think of flowers.  What if they just popped right up out of the ground like a jack-in- the-box.  We'd miss the showcase of beauty as each layer after layer unfolded.  What if fruit's deliberate ripening process was rushed?  We wouldn't have the sweetness!

Doesn't that make you appreciate God's specific plan in timing more?  Doesn't it make you respect the importance and beauty in patience?  God can do things instantly for sure because He's all powerful, but He is also all WISE and in His wisdom He creates everything beautiful in His time!  He's not a rushed God.  (and I'm SO glad!)  He has divinely designed great glory, brilliance, beauty, sweetness, purity and blessed refreshing-ness to be had through a spirit of patience!  

I want that!  Do you?  Let's take hold of it!  Let's be still in our soul and not crave instant results or instant explanations from the Lord!  Let's have a quiet heart and watch Him work as He does BEST and take time to give Him praise because He does!

"He hath made every thing beautiful in His time..."
~Ecclesiastes 3:11~

"But I trusted in Thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art 
my God.  My times are in Thy hand!..." 
~Psalms 31:14-15a~

Blessings to you today!


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