"O satisfy us early with Thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days!" - Psalms 90:14

Hi there!  Glad you "stopped by" my blog today!  Hope it puts a little happy in your day!

"Satisfy"- quite the word! Things that "satisfy" me.  Hmm.  Well, the cupcakes pictured above were a good satisfaction for my sweet tooth. Yup! And a glass of milk then satisfies my "I just ate a cupcake and am crazy thirsty" throat call!  Lol!  Let's see here.  A drive with the windows down on a nice fall day brings some nice satisfaction to my "spread my wings and fly" urge.  Lol!  Well, you get the idea of what I'm trying say, hopefully! ;)

A couple of the definitions of the word "satisfy" are the following: "To make happy." "To gratify to the full." "To put an end to doubt or uncertainty." Pretty nice meanings, don't you think? :)

There are definitely things that bring some satisfaction to my life, (like the happy ones above) but there's only ONE that can satisfy and gratify the cry of my soul and spirit, and that is my ONE and ONLY AMAZING CREATOR, LORD AND SAVIOR, PRINCE OF PEACE, FATHER, KEEPER OF MY HEART AND ALMIGHTY GOD!  HE is the One Who is the sweetest savor, the deepest thirst quencher and One Who can make the wings of my heart soar!  Him Alone.  

Him Alone.  I need that reminder quite often!  He alone is all I need for all that makes me - me and for all that fuels this life and each breath I breathe!  It's really that simple.  And it's really that GRAND!  :)  

I thought I would share with you some simple lyrics to a song I wrote many years ago. A song that God uses to remind me to bring my heart to a place of sincere servanthood - simply satisfied in Him. <3  

Satisfied with my Jesus.
Satisfied with my King.
Lord, I lay me on the altar.
Lord, my life to You I bring.

As I walk down life's pathway.
Here You are to hold my hand.
And to guide me in the right way.
To lift me up and help me stand.

When the way gets rough and narrow.
And I feel I can't go on.
I hear You gently whisper,
"You are Mine - now to Me run."

Lord, give me a vision 
of what my life should be.
And fill me with Your Kingdom,
So that others too may see, that I'm...

Satisfied with my Jesus.
Satisfied with my King.
Lord, I lay me on the altar.
Lord, my life to You I bring."

May the prayer of our hearts be as David prayed in Psalms 17:15 - "As for me, I will behold Thy face in righteousness:  I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness."

Blessings to rest in your spirit and soul and know that Jesus alone is the One Who can make you satisfied and whole. <3


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