Love and Trust Without Borders

"Great is Jehovah, and greatly to be praised; 
And his greatness is unsearchable." -Psalm 145:3

Hello Everyone! :)  Hope you're doing GREAT!

I'm back from Colombia and my heart is full!
What a living, loving, merciful Savior we serve!  

Wow!  Where to start?!  Yikes!  There's so many things I could say about this trip, but the title of this post "Love and Trust Without Borders" sums it up quite well!  This title has a three-fold meaning to me and I hope reading this blesses you!

 1.)  Everytime I step foot into another country, I never cease to be AMAZED at God at work all around the world!  It's so incredible to see His trust and love alive in other countries!!!!  It's such a gift to be encouraged and challenged by fellow believers in different lands!!!

2.)  Mission trips are chalk full of opportunity to be a vessel of God's love!  I just stand in awe of how powerful God's love is!  I see His love in a new light when His love reaches into the lives of the children I meet, even when I can't directly communicate with words. (Translators are sooooo awesome - just saying! ;)  I just stand amazed though, at how God's love is so powerful that no words are even needed!  I'm so grateful for the Holy Spirit!  Also, trust is a must, especially in ministry! There were many times that things in the schedule came up that were not planned and unexpected, but NOTHING catches God by surprise and He wasn't daunted by how unprepared I felt in those situations!  I have to say, those "unplanned" times were some of my favorite memories because it's in those moments of helplessness that I hear God say "I've got you!" and watch Him take care of everything!  He filled my mouth and the mouth of the team with what to say to a group of teenagers when we didn't know we were speaking to them till minutes before we walked into their classroom.  We were unprepared, but God wasn't!  Let me just say, it was a POWERFUL time!

3.)  Loving and Trusting without borders isn't just in regards to International mission trips!  God has been laying this on my heart strongly since I've returned home!  A "border" can be any "line" that we might be afraid to cross!  Maybe God is prompting you to tell a family member about Him, and you need to love and trust without borders in that situation!  Maybe it's simply handing a tract to a neighbor, maybe sharing a Bible verse with a co-worker!  Satan wants us stuck in our comfort zones because He knows that when we step out in love and trust POWERFUL things happen!!  So cross over those "borders" friends and watch God work mightily!  You'll be amazed and sing His praise!!!!!!

I've been reading Psalm 145 over and over since I've been back home and have been soooooooooooooooo blessed by this chapter!  When you get a chance, read over it and personalize it into a prayer to God!  He'd love it! ;)

Here are some photos from my two weeks in Colombia!  May the Lord be praised!  His works are marvellous and the impact of His loves reaches from generation to generation!! Blessed be my God and King!

Blessings to you!  May your love and trust be without borders through the Holy Spirit!  Have fun on all the daily adventures that God will guide you into! (in your hometown and beyond!) :)


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