The Wait Train

"The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him!" 
-Lamentations 3:25

Hi Everyone!  Hope you're doing great today!

"The Wait Train", sounds kind of dull doesn't it?  Waiting doesn't really get a great rap for being fun and exciting does it? lol!  Well, maybe this post will help "perk" up the dull feeling that comes when hearing the word "wait"! :)  I'm excited to share this, because God shared it with my heart this week! :) 

On my route to work everyday there is a set of railroad tracks that I have to cross. Quite often, I get stopped by a train passing by and have to wait of course! ;) It's slightly discouraging when I see those flashing red lights of the crossings ahead and hear the sound of the train approaching! It means I have to wait.  *sigh*  "I have places to be, things to do, people to see - I can't be waiting on no train!" lol!  It's easy to be impatient, bored, and aggravated when waiting on a train isn't it?  ;)   Well, a couple of weeks ago while I was waiting on a train, God laid it on my heart to turn my impatience into praise!  He prompted me to use the time waiting on the train to praise Him for anything and everything!  I gotta say - praise really changes the dull way that waiting tends to feel! :)  It truly does!  I go from being ancy to being at peace and blessed!  It really is amazing!

So, to add to my train story, a couple of days ago I was stopped for a train at the same set of tracks on my way home.  I remembered how God has prompted me to turn my "wait trains" into "praise trains" and as I was praising Him guess what happened?  A second train came on the other tracks!  lol!!!  But, instead of completely discouraging me, it actually made me laugh!  God must have wanted more praise from me!  And you know what?  That was a sweet thought to me! God wanted more of my praise!  Wow!  

What an honor it is to wait when He says to and to be able to praise Him, because He wants me to!  Waiting and praising together bring such sweet fellowship with the heart of God!  It unites us with Who He is and dives us deep into the heart of His purpose in the "wait trains" of life!  There is such beauty there!  There is such blessing there!  God never designed the waiting times in life to be dull, discouraging, and aggravating!  He designed them as a glorious opportunity for us to give Him praise, while He accomplishes His will in His perfect time!

Check out these amazing verses about waiting! 

"...The goodness of God endureth continually." 

 We sometimes think our wait times in life seem to endure forever and wonder when it will end like a train - don't we?  Well, think instead of God's enduring goodness!  It's a marvelous wonder really!

"I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints!"
-Psalms 52:1, 9

Praise Him forever friends because He does all things WELL!  Wait on Him because His will and His Word are GOOD!
Blessings to you as you do!


  1. So, so true. Thanks for the reminder!! I love the shoes in the new header!

  2. I loved it! What a neat picture with excellent admonishment. I will have to remember to use my traffic time for praise :) Thanks, Bri! You would make such a great guest speaker -- I'll have to host something just so you can speak!

    Laura Moser


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