Perfect Love & Open Doors

" ...Perfect love casteth out fear...!"
~I John 4:18~

Hi there friends! 
First of all I wanted to say that I'm grateful for you! I'm grateful to be able to blog what God is teaching me and I'm grateful that YOU read it! I love the support of fellow believers and enjoy how we spread truth together!!!!

This is another post that's on the simpler side, but it's what's on my heart!  <3  I've realized that of late, I've let fears creep in and I'm allowing them to affect me! Ugh. Fears are no good!  As I pondered on this, God brought to mind one of my favorite verses!  It's just SO powerful and SO true and SO like our amazing God to design perfect love to cast out fear!!!!  I'm gonna claim this verse this week, meditate on it and pray it to the Rock of my life-The Lord Jesus Christ!  And as my sister says, "I'm gonna chuck these fears over the mountains!!!!!!" Lol lol!  

Just imagine what wonderful freedom and blessing lie behind doors that we are keeping shut by our fears!! Just imagine the doors that God can and will open when we give our fears over to Him!!!!! And NOW, just don't imagine it, but act on it through sweet surrender and all-out trust!!!!!!!! LET'S DO THIS and watch GOD WORK MIRACLES!!!!!! :)

Blessings for you to embrace God's perfect love and love Him back with the same! May you experience perfect love casting out your fears and see doors open like you never have before!!!!!!!!!


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