A New Year and Time is Ticking!

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply 
our hearts unto wisdom! ~Psalms 90:12~

Hey there Everyone!!

I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year!!!

I'm starting off this 2014 with something that the Lord has laid on my heart for this year!  (It's the picture shown below.) This is a "little" post, but the truth is HUGE and it's something that I'm "chewing" on (lol) and striving to live out like crazy this year and beyond!!!! :). Our time on this earth is SO IMPORTANT- let's make it count!!!!!!!!! (You might have to click on the photo so you can read the smaller print! ;) 

May your year be one that's full of blessing- more than you've ever known!
May you be still and revel in the fact that every single moment is pivotal and powerful and then act on redeeming each one for eternity!!!!  May you draw closer and closer to the One True God!  May the Timeless One enable you to impact history and eternity for His glory!!!



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