The Truest of Warriors!

"...the Lord is the strength of my life..."
~Psalm 27:1b~

Hey there friends!  Hope your week has been a great one! :)

Isn't it great that God knows just what you need - right when you need it?!  I love journalling and a lot of the time, He'll take me back to a journal entry as a reminder and a "boost" in faith and truth!  And since this blog is kind-of a "journal" of mine too - I thought today's post could be a digital entry of one of my paper journal entries! LOL!  (did you follow me there?!) ;)  The truth on my heart from the journal page below is sooooo true of WHO GOD IS FOR YOU TOO!!!!!  Claim it and be strengthened, just as I was and am!! :)

Have a great day knowing that the...

- TRUEST of Warriors is for YOU!
- He goes before YOU!
- He is your light and salvation!
- He is the strength of your life
He will NEVER be defeated!!
(So that means you shouldn't be in body and mind, will and emotions!
 and you can't EVER be in spirit -because He's there!!!!!!!!)


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