Expectation & Hope

"...To lay hold upon the hope set before us: Which hope we have as an anchor of the 
soul, both sure and steadfast..." ~Hebrews 6:18b-19a

Hey Everyone!  :)  Glad you could visit my blog today - it's nice having you here!!  Hope you're encouraged by today's post! :)

Expectation and hope.  I've been thinking about those two words quite a bit recently!  I thought the picture above captured them well - don't you?! :)  I was at an airport recently waiting for my ride and saw that guy ^ waiting for his too!  Some girl was in for a sweet surprise! :)  As I look at that picture, it just strikes me.  There he is waiting, but with something amazing to give!!  It's such a neat application to us and God!  Sometimes it's easy to just be bored, lazy or impatient while we wait on God for different things in life.  How much sweeter it is, when you make your waiting times - giving times!  Then I think of the girl that's coming to meet him.  She could have ridiculous expectations like hoping he's going to greet her with with a parade of people singing and holding signs that says he loves her, but those expectations would make the sweet and thoughtful bouquet of flowers seem insignificant.  If, instead, the focus of her expectation was on all of who he was - her man - himself, the flowers would be a beautiful little cherry on top! (an extra that means a lot!) lol!

That's how I want to live!
I want to focus on what I have to give as I wait on the Lord
and I want HIM alone to be my
 expectation and

God loves that - He loves when He alone 
is sufficient!  
His love was enough to have Him
willingly be crucified as an eternal ransom.
His love was so great that a grave couldn't hold Him!
His love experienced extruciating death, defied it and
gave life A WHOLE NEW MEANING!!!!!!!
{If that isn't enough for Him to be my expectation and hope in everything - I don't know what is!!!!!}

I wanted to share some verses that get me excited for everything that I'm waiting on my Lord and Savior for!  He has come for me, is at work for me now, and is coming again!!!!!!

Blessings to each one of you as you wait on the Lord!  You have so much to give - make your time of waiting a sweet mission unto your God and others!!  May HE be your expectation and hope and may you see more than you ever have before, how exciting it is to be His and experience the sweetest of gifts!! (the ones that come from His hand through your surrender) :)  Enjoy celebrating His love!!!! His love is for you!!!!


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