"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is 
stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee!" ~Isaiah 26:3

HAPPY 2013 Everyone!!!!!!!! :O)  
It's gonna be a GREAT year - I know it! :O)  
I'm excited to get back into the blog "swing" of things! :O)  (FYI - this year I won't be posting on Monday's anymore, but WILL be posting every Thursday!) :O)  I thought I'd start off the blog posts of the new year with an aspect of God that is on my heart for this year! 

 ~He is my Keeper~ 
(Typing that out makes me smile, because it's sooooo true and I'm sooooo glad that it is!)  

As I look at the year ahead my heart and mind is full with desires, dreams, plans, goals, and a lot of thoughts that go along with each of those - lol!  I'm so glad that each one of my desires, dreams, plans, goals and every detail involved is kept by the Master and Creator of every amazing detail of life and the Giver of ALL good things!  I'm ready to face this year head on with enthusiasm and confidence in the "knowns" and "unknowns" because my Keeper is always at work and always near!
  • My steps are kept steady by His guiding hand.
  • My desires are kept treasured by His heart and He knows them better and how to fulfill them than I do!
  • My dreams are heard and kept safe in His will!
  • My goals are kept by His strong enabling arms that are ready always!
  • My excitement, and even tears shed over any of the above this year are kept in His EVER capable embrace - He shares in them!  He gives incredible comfort for the tears (wipes them away) and gives powerful grace for an endless supply of excitement in His will!!  
My life chapter of 2013 is Psalm 121 (read it and you'll see why! ;o)

Pretty amazing isn't it?  Hope you're encouraged for this year knowing that you can trust God in EVERYTHING - He is the greatest Protector, Provider, Guide, Helper, 
and Preserver of your life!

You're kept by the Almighty God, your Keeper - so walk in perfect peace!!!!

Blessings this week!!!!


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