A Promise to Hold Tight To!

"Rejoice Evermore!"
~I Thess. 5:16~
Hey Amazing People!!!!
Happy Today to you!! :O)
Ever get lyrics to a song stuck in your head?  (Sometimes they're welcome and sometimes maybe not so much - lol!) Well, I've had some lyrics in my head the past couple days and in this case I'm actually really glad they are stuck there - because I've been SO blessed to keep thinking on their truth!  Some of the song goes like this - "Rejoice and be glad for great is your reward...Rejoice and be glad, for the Kingdom of heaven is yours - it is yours!"  :O)  It's such an awesome truth to be thinking on throughout the day!  "Rejoice." I know what that word means - but I've been so excited about seeing that word in a new way the past couple days!  I've been realizing how God designed it to be a promise!!  Have you thought of it that way?! I feel like sometimes we end up looking at "rejoice" as just something we gotta do to just see us through life, so we don't get "grumpy"! lol!  But, seriously - that one little word holds so much power to the one who embraces it with a sincere heart!  That little word is full to the brim with incredible promise from the Almighty God!  Just think of the Author of that word! It's not just a random word out there to bring happiness - it's an enormous gift, a promise from a Divine Creator of His glory!  God promises His glory to be revealed when we rejoice!!! 

"When righteous men do rejoice,
there is great glory!..." ~Proverbs 28:12
 True rejoicing is seeing the Kingdom, His everlasting Kingdom and His glory, His everlasting glory and letting all else fade in comparison! 

"Rejoice and be exceeding glad: for great is
your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the
prophets which were before you!" ~Matt. 5:12
When God says "rejoice and be exceeding glad", you can do so without a second thought, because He's the One Who knows all, holds all, loves all, and has victory over all!  He holds all of your tomorrow's and  He has designed rejoicing, for His glory and for your blessing!  It's not always easy to rejoice and sometimes joy seems hard to find, especially when we're going through difficult times - but God is an endless source of joy!  No matter what you go through, if you are walking close with Him, and getting to know more and more of WHO HE REALLY IS, His joy is contagious and the promises attached to His joy are miraculous!  In every place, in every situation, at any time - God's supernatural joy is yours, if you'll claim it!  And when you claim it, hold tight to the promise attached to it - because you WILL see His glory! 
 "Fear not, O land, be glad and rejoice:
for the Lord will do great things!"
~Joel 2:21~
I'm excited for how God is going to reveal the promise of His glory to you, through your rejoicing!  Have a blast as you continue to see and know more of Who He is to YOU!
~:O) Bri


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