Buffet of Goodness

"And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written,
That man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word of God!" ~Luke 4:4
Hey there Everyone!
Hope the rest of your week is filled to the brim with God's goodness!!!
Ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet? :O)  Yum! -A whole line of dish after dish of goodness!- Lol!  In case you don't know me, I love food!  I'm all about flavor! lol!  So a buffet of endless flavors and combinations is amazing, to me, for sure! :O)  Food is definitely essential for living and for energy and ya know, so is God's Word!  The truest of life and the most long lasting energy comes from the words of the One and Only Almighty God - the Creator of our life!!!! God's Word is quite the buffet of goodness!!!  Every word is "served up" perfectly and has the greatest taste to the soul that "digs in"! ;o)  When I eat at a buffet, I normally get full before I even have a chance to taste everything and wish I wasn't so full so I could - lol!  Welllllll, that's an AMAZING thing about God's Word - it's inexhaustible!  Isn't that just so awesome!!  When you have the Word of God alive in you - there's no end to the truth He will reveal!  It's really miraculous, if you think about it!  I've known verses since I was young and yet He continues to give those same verses new "flavor" as He shows how incredibly deep His righteousness goes!!!  The righteousness in God's Word is truly all-you-can-eat and your spirit can always eat!!!!  lol! Isn't that just so neat?!  I'm so grateful that God gave us His truth, through the Bible, that we can always "feast" on and be constantly satisfied with, in new ways as He nourishes us with true life - The Bread of Life - the Word of God!  Don't starve friends -dig in to the buffet of God's goodness!  Below are a few verses that God had me "munch" on and enjoy recently - I'll share them with you! ;o)
May you feast on God's Word and taste and see that He is truly good and His righteousness
endureth forever!!!!
~:O) Bri


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