Sand and Thoughts

"The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, 
the thoughts of his heart to all generations!" 
~Psalm 33:11~

Hey Incredible People!
Guess what?  The thoughts of God's heart are toward you!  (Isn't that enough to make you smile all week?!) :O)

Have you ever been to a beach and taken a good close look at the sand?  Such tiny little specks that all make up that expanse of a beach!  It baffles my mind to even try and grasp at how many grains there are just stuck to my feet, let alone every grain of sand that makes up every beach on the face of the earth!  Wheeeewwwie! lol!  With that in mind, read the verses below! ;o)

"How precious also are Thy thoughts
unto me, O God!  How great is
the sum of them!  If I should
count them, they are more in
number than the sand:  when 
I awake, I am still with 
Thee!" ~Psalm 139:17-18

I've read those verses before and I know God has so many thoughts - but today that fact and comparison just really struck a heart chord in me!  God thinks so many thoughts - waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I can possibly ever fathom and all of them are perfect - absolutely, righteously perfect!  And all of those amazing thoughts affect me, because it's my Father that's thinking them!  Wow - doesn't that make your heart agree and proclaim, along with David, "How precious also are Thy thoughts...!!!!"  What an invaluable treasure we have in knowing and being loved by the one and only true God!  What great delight in getting to experience and know His heart thoughts now and continually into eternity!  

So treasure God's thoughts this week - for they are for YOU, just as He is!
Fix your thoughts on Him this week - for YOU are His greatest treasure! 
(And if you can this summer - stick your feet in some sand and really let the truth sink in! ;o) lol


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