I Don't Want to Miss a Thing!

 "And Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, 
"Inquire first for the word of the Lord!"
~I Kings 22:5~

Hi friends!
Hope your week is off to a good start!

This post is something that God really spoke to my heart of late!  My heart really needed reminded, by His, to put Him first and keep Him first in EVERYTHING!!!!! To "inquire first" for God's will like the verse above says!  I know I've shared this quote before, but it's one of my favorites and God really renewed it to my heart - so here it is!  :O)

"When first things are put first, second things are
not suppressed, but increased!" ~C.S. Lewis

God encouraged me to use my valuable time for His glory!  The other day I was meeting my Mom for lunch at Chick-fila and got there before she did.  I hadn't waited too long before I "whipped" out my phone to fill the time with facebook or the internet.  I hadn't put God first in my day and yet I sure had time to fill with social media.   There's nothing wrong with checking facebook or getting on the internet and God uses both for His Kingdom, but I realized that whipping out my phone was becoming a "comfort zone" and a "filler" for almost every moment of "nothing to do".  (It doesn't even have to be a cell phone as a distraction, it can even just be your mind getting too caught up in selfish thoughts or whatnot.)  I realized, as God spoke to my heart, that I really, really don't want to miss a thing! I could've used that moment to just sit still and give God specific praise for something that He did that day or just took a moment to tell Him something I love about Him!  Maybe someone was walking by, at that moment, and my smile could've helped them through their day.  I hope what I'm wanting to share is coming across the right way! :O)  I guess to put it simply - I found that I wasn't putting Christ first where I needed to.  I wasn't listening to what He was prompting me to do, when He was prompting me to and He brought that to my attention!  When He is put first, I won't miss out on a thing that He has before me!  When He is first, all other good things such as facebook and the internet, are only used more powerfully for His glory and for His Kingdom! (Just like the heart of the quote above!) When He's given preeminence in every moment of my day, I'll know just when that smile is needed in person or just when encouragement is needed using technology!  It's a win - win when God is Lord of my day in every way!  


 Let's redeem our lives to the fullest for God's glory!  Let's put Him first and keep Him first and stand amazed as He works gloriously in the details of our day!  Let's make Him Sovereign over our moments, heed His promptings and stand in awe of His wondrous works!
Blessings to you today!


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