A loved one's wink ;0)

Hey everybody!!
Just in case you didn't know - you all are so awesome! Just had to tell you that! ;0)

Don't you just feel so special when someone, who loves you very much, winks at you?! Lol! Kind of a funny question to ask - I know! But seriously, maybe it was your Grandpa who winked at you as you listened intently to one of his stories or your Mom when you did something she told you too or maybe it was your Dad as you shared with him something that was on your heart.  Didn't it make you feel deeply worth something?  Didn't it assure you of how much you were loved? Well, regardless of whether any of the above "loving wink situations"{lol} happened to you - I wanted you to know that you are worth more than anything to God and it is His greatest pleasure and deepest outpouring to assure you of that!  I used the picture above as just a funny little example that really made me smile!  But, for reals,  His Word is full of declarations of His love for you!   His creation shouts it out too!  His Spirit is always speaking it to you!  So I just wanted to encourage you that your heavenly Father is super crazy about you and wanted to tell you to keep your heart and mind and eyes open at all times for all the "winks" that He has just for you!!!!!  (And I'm telling ya - His winks are the most bestest - amazingest - life pumpingest ones ever!!!!! ;o) lol!!!

Below, I thought I'd share some of the "winks" that God has really blessed me with! 

Blessings to each one of you and may not a day go by, this week, that you don't see and experience your worth to your Father, His absolute delight in you, His matchless love for you and His blessed assurance!


  1. LOVE it Bri!! =D This post made me giggle, and it blessed my heart to be reminded once again of His incredible love for me. Thanks friend!


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