I love...

Hey there Friends!!!
Happy Thursday!  :O)

Today I just marvelled at God's amazingness in humble awe.  So, for today's post - I just really felt like typing out some of the things that I love about my God - my Beloved!

My Amazing God,
The way You make my heart dance!
How you can truly pin-point my heart's desires and
fulfill them, like, OUT OF THIS WORLD!
When You tell me everything is perfectly ok, because You
speak only truth!
Your passion and how Jesus lived it out here on earth to show me how to do the same.
How Your love is life.
How Your joy is sooooo incredibly contagious!!!
How's there's no doubt that You are my most valiant defender!
That You value my feelings so much that You have numbered my tears.
That You are so powerful - nothing can seperate me from Your love - absolutely NOTHING! 
How being known as Yours - sets me apart. <3
How You know just how to make me laugh through the joy of Your Spirit!
How only You can satisfy!
How You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever!
Thank You Beloved - for being

May you know with your heart and see with your eyes, through the Spirit, all of the marvels of His love that is lavished on you today in the most personal way - from the ONE WHO personally loves you the most!!!! (How's that for a sentence? lol!)
Have a great rest of your week everyone!
I smile thinking of your lives that are hid in the hand of the King! :O)


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