A Still Place of Pursuit

"...and your heart shall live that seek God!"

Hey there friends! 
Happy new week to you! :O)

"A Still Place of Pursuit" - kind of a neat phrase isn't it?  I'll explain the why of that phrase for this blog post, but first, here's the thoughts of my heart that led to that phrase! :O) 

Love is such a constant pursuit! True love's pursuit doesn't ever stop! Even after a man has won his girl's heart, true love for her continues to pursue her heart everyday for the rest of her life!  And the same goes for her!  Her love, if true, will constantly pursue her man's heart - happily forever after!  God is the most perfect and passionate Pursuer of your heart!  Your heart is one of His favorite pursuits and He's thrilled everyday to show you His unconditional love!  I was thinking about what an incredible blessing it is to be pursued by God Almighty!  AND what an amazing honor it is that I can pursue His heart! What an incredible, miraculous priviledge!  What a blessed life!

I know it's so important to spend alone time with God - and I know it's so vital to seek Him - but God knew I just so needed the reminder that as I read His Word, and as I spend time talking to Him, and as I minister to others - I'm pursuing Him!  I'm pursuing the heart of my Beloved and drawing closer to Him and honoring Him!  That's what it's all about!!!!!  Doesn't that just give you more drive?!  A true love's pursuit is such a high calling! And now for the "still place of pursuit" title to tie in! lol!  Having a "still" place to go and be with God and pursue His heart is just so special!  Just being still with Him, in a set-apart time is a deep pursuit of Who He is!   Do you have a special spot that you love to go and be with the One Who loves you most?!  One of my favorite spots is the picture I posted above!  Sitting at a Lake Erie sunset with a Starbucks coffee, my Bible and sometimes a journal!  I love going there for a special, set apart time with my God!  Have you been to your spot recently?  It's been to long for me - I'm gonna head there this week and be still with my God and pursue His heart!  I hope you can make it to your favorite spot this week!  :O)

"...for they had sworn with all their heart, and sought Him with their whole desire; and He was found of them: and the Lord gave them rest round about!"
~2 Chr.15:15b~

Blessings to you Beloved of Christ!  Enjoy being pursued by Love Everlasting this week and celebrate as you pursue His heart and get to know Him deeper!


  1. this makes me smile =) thanks Bri!

  2. Oh, yes, what a beautiful privilege it is to pursue the heart of God! I fail so many times to TRULY seek His heart in my quiet place.. thank you for this sweet reminder. <3

    Katie Jo


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