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"That thou mayest love the Lord thy God,
and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto Him:
for he is thy life..." ~Deut. 30:20

Wowzers - I feel like it was Monday and then I blinked and it was Thursday! Lol! 
I hope your week has been a happy one! :O)

I was thinking (look out! lol...;o) about focusing on Christ and Col. 3:2-3 popped into my head!  Let me type it out.....

"Set your affection
(fond attachment/love/devotion)
on things above, not on things
on the earth. 
For ye are dead, and your life
is hid with Christ in God!"

...and I was just really struck by how crucial life is to love and love is to life (like super fuel for each other!) - and that truth is only magnified tons and tons when it's life and love in the Spirit!!!  It's so simple really, but it just made all of me smile and be filled with joy as I thought about how God is the Life in my love and He is the Love in my life!  His Spirit is the love fuel of true life and the life fuel of true love!  *grin*  Doesn't that just make you excited to be His?!  Doesn't it just explode how amazing life and love in Him is?!  Another verse came to mind - Ps. 63:3-4...

"Because Thy lovingkindness is better than life,
my lips shall praise Thee, Thus will
I bless Thee, while I live:
I will lift up my hands in Thy name!"

...and I was blessed by the beautiful description of His love and life alive in me!  Then, my Dad mentioned the following verse today and it made my heart skip to be reminded of the truth so passionately declared by Christ to me and to you!  John 10:10 says...

"...I am come that they might have life and that
they might have it more abundantly!"

...The God of the universe sent His Son (the greatest act of love) so that I might have eternal life through His death on the cross - but also, He sent Him as a living example of how claiming who you are in truth, walking in the Spirit and obeying the Father unto any sacrifice - brings the MOST ABUNDANT LIFE!!!! And last, but not least...

"When Christ, Who is our life,
shall appear, then shall
ye also appear with
Him in glory!"

...Christ's heart is for us to live in the solid truth that His eternal life and perfect love is now, in the present, because we are just as much His now as we will be!   His heart is also, for us to look eagerly with anticipation for the time when we will get to see Him (our life and love) face to face!!!!!!!!!! :O)

Blessings this week to set your admiration, love and devotion on Christ and enjoy Him as the Life in your love and the Love in your life! 

With a grateful heart to my Savior,


  1. Love the connection you made in this post, Bri! So true that life and love fuel each other.


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