Faith Is....

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
~Hebrews 11:1~
Good Monday to you!
What a great opportunity for living out faith this week holds for all of us!  Let's claim it and use it to throttle our days for Him!!

I'm so grateful for the gift of faith and through it - how God does such marvellous miracles!  Thank You Jesus for being the Author and Finisher of our faith! One of my favorite books is a book by Pamela Reeve called "Faith Is"!  God has given her such vivid and tangible ways of sharing what faith is and what it looks like and I'm going to share some excerpts from her book below! (I really recommend the book! :O)  May your faith be boosted and lifted high through these truths!

"Faith is...not a leap in the dark nor a mystical experience nor an indefinable encounter with someone, but trust in One Who has explained Himself in a Person - Christ, in a historical record - the Bible."

"Faith is...ceasing to worry, leaving the future to the God Who controls the future." 

"Faith is...resting in His love, His presence, His provision."

"Faith is...the handle by which I take God's promises and apply them to my paticular problems."

"Faith is...remembering that in the kingdom of God EVERYTHING is based on promise and not feeling."

"Faith is....something God will prove genuine by testing."

"Faith is...not related to my believing hard enough, nor my emotional exhilaration or flatness, but rests on what God guarantees in His Word."

"Faith is...refusing to feel guilty over past confessed sins, when God, the Judge, has sovereignly declared me pardoned."

"Faith is...ceasing from forever trying to make myself good enough for God and letting Jesus really be my Savior."

"Faith is...letting go of that which God is asking me for."

"Faith is...realizing I am the treasure Christ sought and found and that I am His joy."

"Faith in anticipation of heaven where He, the Bridegroom, watches and waits for me!"  
~Pamela Reeve

May you enjoy this day that you have with the Author and Finisher of your faith and may you soak in every opportunity to glorify Him through living out your faith!
Rooting for you all!


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