A Divine Love

"...the greatest of these is love."
~I Cor. 13:13b~

Happy Valentines Week Everyone!

I've always loved Valentines Day, even since I was younger!  I love celebrating love!  God has always blessed me in such special ways on that special day!  God's love is the most divine love and how beautiful His love is and how special it is when He uses others to demonstrate His love to us!  I just wanted to use this post to share descriptions of what love is that God has laid on my heart!  As you read them, remember how deep the Lord's love is for you and how He is every single aspect of love toward you, because He is Love!

A righteous pursuit, A sincere covenant, A selfless unity, A servant surrender, A holy abandon, A powerful bond, A sacred devotion, A lasting friendship, Unspeakable joy, An unconditional promise, Uncontainable glory, A faithful claim, A constant cherish, A steadfast truth, A wondrous mysteryA mighty dedication, A spectacular miracle, An incredible adventure, Wholehearted contentment, A tender compassion, Valiant Protection, A kingdom alliance, A forever redemption, Sweet sacrifice, A victorious joining, A reverent fear, Willing deference, Unfailing exhortation,  Passionate perseverance, A peaceful abiding, A heavenly celebration,  A continual giving, A marvellous unfolding, A well-known secret, Indescribable excitement, A strong seal,  An ultimate belonging...The Delight of Christ!

Blessings on your Valentines Day!  Have fun celebrating Love and being with the Author of Love Himself! <3


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