The Soaring Flight of a Waiting Heart!

"...They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles..."
~Isaiah 40:31a~

Hi Everyone! :O)
My heart is bursting with today's post and I'm praying that God's Holy Spirit whisks you off your feet with this truth today (as He did with me) and that you can't stop from smiling as your heart soars with Him! :O)

"Wait".  I'd venture to say that for most of us, the word wait doesn't excite our soul.  I'd also say that, for the most part, we let that word give us a feel of in-activeness, emptiness and void, it can sometimes even feel hopeless and depressing.   A philosophy of  "Just try to hang tight... " seems to be common with "wait".  But to God it means the opposite! His heart definition of the word "wait" is deep, inspiring, enduring, motivivating, full of hope, fullness, and promise!

I'm sure that without thinking too hard, you can think of something you're waiting on.  Maybe a job opportunity, maybe for funds, maybe it's for a loved one to come to know Christ, maybe it's simply for direction for the "next" step, or maybe it's for the one you will cherish, love and marry!  Regardless of what you're waiting on - take heart!  God knows each one of your heart's desires AND He knows them better than you do!  He knows how to "weed" out the desires of your mind and discerns your true heart's longing. And, He knows the perfect time to give it, and in what form you need it!  He is constantly at work for you and He is anticipating the time, when all that He has done will be revealed to you!  Waiting on God is never a void.  When He says "wait" - it's never a command to be depressed or hopeless.  God is NEVER not at work!

God designed waiting to be a glorious adventure with Him!  
 An adventure that draws us closer to His heart! And the proof is in His word!  The word wait in Hebrew is "qavah" and it's definition just thrills me!  It means "To bind together", "To intertwine", and "To expect"! Are you smiling yet?! :O) Pretty incredible, dont you think?!  When we truly wait on God - we are being bound with all of Who He is!  We have ALL the reason to believe, without doubt that He is at work and have every reason to anticipate all the marvellous work of His, that He will reveal!  This is what brings about a "soaring heart"! "...They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles..." ~Isaiah 40:31a 

Don't let waiting on God become a "chore" - instead SOAR!  And it will be His great delight to take you to heights of His love that you've never known before!  (to cloud nine and beyond! ;o)

"Waiting, I waited on Jehovah,
and He bent down to me and heard my cry. 
And He drew me up from the pit of tumult, out of the miry clay;
and He set my feet on a rock; 
He directed my steps. 
And He has put a new song of praise to our God in my mouth;
many shall see and shall fear and shall trust in Jehovah. 
Blessed is the man who sets Jehovah as his trust...!"
~Ps. 40:1-4a~

May all your "waiting" adventures be filled to the brim with the truth of Who your God is and may you soar with His divine perspective as the wind beneath your wings!

~An excited Bri :o)

(Below are some more verses where the word "wait"
translates in the Hebrew form "qavah", as mentioned above!)
~Ps. 25:5
~Ps. 25:21
~Ps. 39:7
~Ps. 130:5-6


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks Bri, for your insights! I really needed to hear this today! <3

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Such a timely reminder for me today! <3


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