His Ornament!

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come,
and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee!" ~Is. 60:1

Happy 12th day before Christmas everyone!  Can you believe it's almost here?!  (whew! I better get some more gift shopping done! lol) :O)
I hope your week ahead is filled with wonder and joy over the truth of this season! 

Here's a thought for your week!
YOU are the ornament of Christ's tree!
Just as ornaments hang on our trees as decorations of declaration that it's Christmas;  Christ hung on a tree as a divine declaration that all may be free!  The ornaments we hang up bring to mind all the wonderful thoughts of Christmas time - as Christ was hung up, YOU were the one that was on His mind!
Such sacrifice. Such love!
And then, the love of the Father restored the Son's life - so that in Him YOU may truly live! wow!

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee!" ~Is. 60:1
Make His tree beautiful and declare it's significant worth this season! In the busyness - listen to His voice and radiate His glory!  Redeem everyday experiences and tasks for His glory!  Look that tired cashier at Walmart, in the eye and smile!  Bless the family eating next to you at a restaraunt in Jesus name with even a simple "God bless your Christmas!"  Pray for the shopper next to you at the mall who's missing out on the true meaning of Christmas!  And talk to your living Christ as you travel down the road to visit friends or while you're standing in the kitchen baking cookies ~ He loves to be with you and loves to celebrate with His own!

So grateful for each one of your lives and the divine purpose of glory that God has placed on you!
Enjoy your day living it out and being with your Savior!


  1. Bri ~ I am very blessed by your writings...may the Lord use you and bless you as work to His glory. As I head into this next busy week I needed this reminder! Thank you! blessings!

  2. Charis,
    You have blessed me more than you'll ever know just by sharing the comment above! I'm in awe of how God loves to use each one of us for His glory! Have a great busy week! :O)


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