"Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel,
Who only doeth wondrous things!" ~Psalm 72:18

Good Monday to you! :O)
I wanted to post this verse, which has meant so much to me, to start off the week!
I've read it many times before, but this past year God really pointed out to me,  the word in the verse that appears before "doeth".  ONLY.  Ya know, I've always believed God does wondrous things, but focusing in on that word "only",  gives me chills and makes me stand in greater awe of Him!  He ONLY does wondrous things - that's His life - that's His passion -that's Who He is!  Psalm 72:18 is a verse of such deep praise through faith.  Sometimes it's easy to believe that word "only" when circumstances are great and other times it's alot harder, when situations are hard and seemingly hopeless -but the truth of it stands regardless.  He only does wondrous things.  What an all-out loving God!  Let's fully claim and live out the miraculous truth of Who He is!

Glad to be His,


  1. I've enjoyed "tuning in" to what God has been sharing with you lately, Bri. It was such an encouragement to read out loud those verses from last week every morning - such a beautiful piece of scripture to meditate on. Keep up the awesomeness!
    Katie H.


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